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All pages are completely available for download now. To this go to the bottom of a page to download and click "download".
There is one more offer on the announcement page now.

12/28/99 Outfit changed and some URL's corrected.
07/20/99 A question about MZ800 emulator from Feri/Bratislava to you you can find here.

Please take a kindly note of a question to you from Tony Friery/UK about MZ80B.
A new link added to The MZ80B Emulation Project.

06/27/99 Please take a kindly note of the offer of R. Soetje

I've changed the announcement page, VIP-page.

06/20/99 My page is now available again on Thierry Schembry's server.
06/15/99 The server was cracked and all data were destroyed. My homepage was not present in the Internet for 5 days.
03/20/99 A new MZ-800-emulator is available from Matthias Koeppe's homepage for download, but this version must be compiled first by you to get an executable version. :-(
I've added two new links on my link page. Please take a kindly note of the two last entries of my link page.
02/13/99 New games available for download and a German Basic Tutor.
02/06/99 The schematic diagram of the color plotter MZ-1P01 is now available.
01/31/99 I added a new page: How to connect a monitor or a screen to the MZ-700.

I've added some pics to the operating descriptions of the plotter and the data recorder.
I've inserted a new page: View of elements of MZ.
I corrected the joystick control of the blockdiagram of MZ-700.

01/29/99 Andreas Jung/Germany wrote the PC-tape-interface and I've added now information about him to the VIP-page.
01/27/99 I've updated all pages containing my old e-mail address and I replaced the old address by my new address.
01/26/99 I've added a new page: Locations of elements on the motherboard. Sorry, a big picture but very helpful I think.
01/25/99 I moved to another city, so I had to update my page about me.
01/24/99 I've added a new page: Old games and programs sold by SHARP (Not yet ready)
01/23/99 The documentation of the emulator written in Czech by Jaroslav Kysela is translated now into English. This work was kindly done by Andrej Hradnansky. You can download the translated documentation file (7KB) or the full emulator (279KB) which contains the file too.
01/19/99 My e-mail account will be deleted at January 21st, 1999. I'll inform you when I have a new e-mail account. Don't send me any e-mails to the account you'll find in my pages here. Please wait.
01/14/99 I've changed the "HELLO"-page.
01/13/99 Some corrections, additions, and changes:
data recorder operating
sound generation page 1, page 2, and page 3
monitor subprograms
01/10/99 The description of the tape interface added and it is downloadable now from this page. Load/save your MZ-files by your PC.
01/09/99 Some corrections: tape data processing, VIP-page, and projects page
01/08/99 2 new BASICs available and some games.
01/06/99 Description of the sound generation continued.
01/05/99 Description of the sound generation continued and split into 2 parts.
01/04/99 Description of the sound generation continued.
01/03/99 I've continued my description of the sound generation.

Happy new year all! :-)
I've continued my description of the sound generation.

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