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Locating an element on the MZ-700 motherboard 

Description of the hardware elements on the MZ-700 motherboard

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The following picture shows all elements of the MZ-700. Try to get information about an element by a click on the element. If the information is yet available you'll get a short description. If there are more information available you'll find a link within the text of the description.

motherboard of MZ-700
MZ-700 motherboard

15 The connector P-4 physically connects the keyboard to the system.

17 The loudness of the sound can be controlled by this element.

18 The loudspeaker ( 8 Ohms / 1W ) outputs the sound.

20 The operating voltage for the power supply can be turned on and off by this switch. Power on or off for the MZ-700.

21 The connector S01 physically connects the power supply to 220 / 240V AC by a cable. A common ground can be connected too by the visible connector in this picture and a cable to external peripheral devices.

22 The connector P-3 physically connects the system to the power supply by its output voltage of 5 Volts.

23 The connector P-5 physically connects the plotter to the supply voltage of 5 Volts.

24 The connector P-1 physically connects the plotter signals to the system.

25 An external printer or the internal plotter can be selected by this internal switch. You can operate the switch by removing the plotter from the cover of the MZ-700. This isn't a very comfortable solution designed by SHARP for those who use both - printer and plotter.

26 The connector P-10 physically connects an external printer to the system after removing the slot's cover at the rear of the MZ-700. The internal switch described by 25 must be set to the position EXT.

27 The connector P-12 connects the internal data recorder MZ-1T01 to the system.

28 The polarity of the input signal of an external data recorder can be inverted by this switch TAPE SW. This is necassary in some cases and some types of data recorder.

29 The connectors P-7 and P-8 physically connect an external data recorder to the system by a cable with two cinch connectors. For further information click here.

30 Additional external peripherals can be physically connected to the expansion bus connector P-11. To this remove the cover of the slot at the rear of the MZ-700.

31 Two joysticks can be physically connected to the connectors P-13 / P-14 after removing the slot's cover at the rear of the MZ-700.

32 The system will be reset by operating this button. The monitor program 1Z-013A that resides in the RAM becomes active. All other connected peripherals via the external bus, the 8255, and the 8253 will be reset too. The contents of the 64KB RAM remains unchanged.

33 The connector P-6 physically connects the loudspeaker to the system.

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last updated September 23, 2002

connector P-6 for the loudspeaker reset button connectors P-13 / P-14 for joysticks connector P-11 expansion bus connectors P-7 / P-8 for an external data recorder polarity switch for an external data recorder connector P-12 for the internal data recorder connector P-10 for an external printer switch for external print or internal plot connector P-1 plotter signals connector P-5 plotter power 5V connector P-3 ( 5 V power ) connectors for power and ground power on /off for the MZ-700 power supply 5 V loudspeaker 8 Ohms / 1W volume control programmable interval timer 8253 keyboard connector P-4 programmable peripheral interface 8255 connector Video connector RF connector RGB connector P-9 video modul ( RGB, RF, Video ) colour RAM 2KB character RAM 2KB character ROM 4KB 64KB RAM monitor ROM 1Z-013A Storage and video controller clock generation CPU SHARP LH0080A ( Z80A )