Arjan Habing
Arjan Habing/Netherlands 

Arjan Habing/Netherlands is working within IBM as a Team-leader / developer. He is born in 1970 near the border of Germany (in Coevorden, about 45 kilometer from Nordhorn) and is living in Rijswijk (near the Hague). Arjan is married, has no children, prefers to write in english, but he can speak german well too.

I got an emulator from him which is downloadable from my download page. The emulator was written by Jaroslav Kysela/Czechoslovakia.

Arjan stopped all his SHARP activities. He has its own company now, so there is no time left for SHARP activities. I respect this, but.. what a pity.

I met him and his wife at my home in October 2001. It was a very nice visit. I'm very thankful for his support for software, hardware, and information.


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last updated June 25, 2002

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