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A german prospect issue number 1 published by SHARP in 1984 offered the following programs to buy. The text attended is as follows:

A broad supply of programs to the SHARP MZ-700

A comprehensive supply of exciting tele games. Program cassettes for playing, learning, and business. The more the fun by the tele games, the better you get confidence in the usage with the SHARP MZ-700 and with its well weighed design of the keyboard. A world of unlimited practicabilities will be inaugurated to you.
You sharpen your sense and you improve your ability of reaction by the Super-Computer-Game-Offer of SHARP.
Set free of established ideas and imaginations and begin with an excillent start into a new age.
SHARP-Computers appertain to the developments of the future already now.

Games written in S-BASIC
Wizards Castle
Wizards Castle (MZ-07-WIZA)
You have to find this mysterious castle with its 8 treasures and the imperial apple but you have to take care of the wizard - he's a crafty enemy.
Suicide Run
Suicide Run and Space Fighter (MZ-07SUIC) (A murderous race and space fighter)
You have to react flashlike but sure handed to get out of the course. Be an open-eyed space fighter otherwise you'll be struck by the stars bursting asunder.
Exploding Atoms
Exploding Atoms (MZ-07EXPL)
Fill your squares with atoms tricky but take care otherwise unexpected chain reaction will occur.
Poker (MZ-07POKE)
Make use of your knowledge of cards against a real top hand but have a thing left.
Cribbage (MZ-07CRIB)
Play an exciting round of Cribbage. It's an electronical cardsgame with 6 cards and 31 chances to win.
Othello (MZ-07OTHE)
If you like to play chess or draughts you'll enjoy Othello. You have to be highly concentrated piece by piece.
Cosmic Invasion
Cosmic Invasion and Bomb Run
One hundred attackers bombard you out of four directions. Stop them within striking distance. Liquidate all by bombardment for landing of your aeroplane. You'll crash if you leave untouched skyscrapers.
Counter Reverse
Counter Reverse and Caterpillar Crawl
You'll be a genius if you're able to decount a counter in 50 steps. Don't stop trying: each day has 24 hours to try :-) Put the rope on the right way to its juicy, green leaf.
American Bowling
American Bowling (MZ-07AMER)
Try to get a Strike. This game can be played by 6 players. It's a realistic test of your dexterity.
Vicious Viper
Vicious Viper (MZ-07VICI)
Fight against the vicious viper called V.I.P.! She's quick and the more she eats, the better she grows. Don't bite yourself.
Gate Crasher
Gate Crasher and Jungle Jiks
You'll go through all gates by quick thinking and reactions.
Jungle Jiks is a splendid event and improves your accuracy of fire.
Trap of Doom
Trap of Doom and Cave Adventure
That's your end! How much steps will you be able to do until the fatal trap will close around you? Your intelligence must be clear and penetrating to play this fantastic game.

Games not written in S-BASIC
Greedy Gremlins
Greedy Gremlins (MZ-07GREE)
You will be attacked by monsters which breed and which swallow everything. They are tricky and always hungry, so get secure from their attacks.
Hunt out the unknown flying objects coming from an unknown world and then eleminate them. To this you need steely nerves and reactions as quick as the light.
Galactic Invaders
Galactic Invaders (MZ-07GALA)
Eleminiate the galactic invaders which attacks our earth to destroy it.
Knights Castle
Knights Castle (MZ-07CAST)
A pretty virgin is to be rescued from her distress. It's not easy because there are many dangerous and shocking traps in the castle.
Le Mans Turbo
Le Mans Turbo (MZ-07LEMA)
A race against the time will expect great things from your ability of driving. Dark tunnels and streets covered with ice require a maximum of concentration.
Rescue Plane
Rescue Plane (MZ-07RESC)
You have to rescue ashored air passengers and then you have to secure them. But you should keep off of dangerous clouds and flying geese.
Space Invaders
Space Invaders (MZ-07SPACE)
Save our earth against the dangerous intruders coming from a far galaxy. Each shot helps to rescue.

Teach Tables
Teach Tables (MZ-7G20)
Your own term table can be created by this program.
Basic Tutorial
Special 4 Programmes (MZ-7G22)
a) Basic Tutorial

You will be enabled to program your MZ-700 by this cassette
b) Demonstrators
You get knowledge about all characteristic features of the MZ-700 and you're introduced for learning and playing by the MZ-700
c) Teach Music Scales
You'll learn notes by seeing and listening only
d) Motoring Costs
Determine the real costs of maintenance of your car (in gallons and in pounds).
Teach Division
Teach Division (MZ-7G21)
Makes teach division easy.

Budget Accounts
Budget Accounts (MZ-7B3)
You can store your actual values of receipts and expenditures to tape. By this you'll get an exact overview about your rent. The program can help to plan credits and the financial, monthly charges for any given space of time.
The program calculates all remaining balances, the sum of all credits, and remaining other financial charges. It gives exact forecasts for one year.
Additional cassettes for business were in the air, e.g. stock on hand (MZ-7B1) and address/terms and birthdays (MZ-7B2).

I don't have the prospect issue number 2 published by SHARP but I have some poor information about which programs were offered by this issue:

Rocket Maths

Giant Maths

Type Trainer
Maths Tank
Counter Blast
Basic Tutorial
Word Invaders
'0' Level Algebra
M. Machine Statistic
Modern Maths
Mighty Writer
Get Lost
Music Master
Maths Quest
Alphabet Quest
Mr. Fixit
Pure Maths
Assembler Tutorial

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