Andreas Jung
Andreas Jung/Germany

The PC-tape-interface-program, which is downloadable from my site, was written by Andreas Jung/Germany. He was born in Helmstedt/Germany. Helmstedt is well known by the frontier passage from the west side of Germany to the former German Democratic Republic GDR.

Andreas was an assistant at the University of Rostock in the Department of Theoretical Computer Science. His main domains are Computer Algebra, Computer Analysis, and Differential Equations. He is a software engineer now in a german company.

The construction of compilers is his hobby. His first computer was a self soldered Sinclair ZX-81-kit. Next a Commodore C64 followed with its peripherials. He doesn't know anything about MZ's.

Andreas is a member of the german amateur's radio club DARC. His call is DL9AAI. Please take a kindly note of his homepage.

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