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Please note:
I am very sorry, but I cannot continue my work due to health reasons.
My thanks go to all the fans who supported me in 20 years with words, works and sponsoring since 1998.
I have tried unsuccessfully to find a competent successor who will continue my work.
This page will be shut down sometime in 2018.

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New emulator versions are available for download
After a long time (more than 6 years) a new version of Bernd Krüger Knauber's emulator is available for download. You can use it now under Linux and all Windows.

A new version of Michael Franzen's emulator is also available for download.

You need plotter pens? - No problem!!
The times of searching for this very rare item are over! The sets of plotter ball-point pens EA850B and EA850C useable for the MZ-1P01 and MZ-1P16 are now again available. The German company "Christiane Lass" developed the equivalent set which is now waterproof ( the original SHARP set is not ). I got the following message from the company:
"The pens correspond actually accurately to the defaults of the models EA850C and EA850B including the crucial ball point. We worked at the project nearly 1 year; and first we experimented with a fiber tip, but this wasn't acceptable by the technical examination of international medical technology manufacturers. We now sell the current version to Scandinavia and into the USA with no objection. Our actual emphasis lies in the medical technology but the pens are also useable for computer plotters."
Really, they are! I could test a free set. See the result on the picture. The company sells the pen sets internationally and has 2,000 sets at its stock. Contact Christane Lass by email: Christiane.Lass@t-online.de if you want to get more info or if you want to order the set(s). Please ask for the costs, VAT and shipping costs.

The equivalent set of plotter ball-point pens EA850B/C   Plotter self test output made with the ball-point pens of Christiane Lass
The equivalent set of plotter ball-point pens EA850B/C developed by the German company "Christiane Lass". A plotout made with the equivalent set EA850B/C. Click on the picture for a detailed view.
The MZ-800 course "The MZ-800 By Heart" is started!
Learn more about your MZ-800 now. The course was written in 1990 by the founders of NEPTUNES PRODUCTIONS Arjan Habing/NL and Mark de Rover/NL. It is kindly translated from Dutch to English by Jeroen F. J. Laros/NL. How to use the hardware and the software ? - All is explained in detail for beginners and professionals also. 7 chapters are ready and 7 chapters will follow step by step. Programming examples are available for download and the course also when all chapters are published. Learn the MZ-800 now...
Does your MZ die next? Is it still alive? Well - be lucky if so...
I had sent a support request to ZILOG (headquartered in San Jose, Calif.). I would like to know how old my MZ, its CPU Z80 and generally all other chips can become. Here is a copy of the sad answer from Joseph Brajkovich / ZILOG:
"It is impossible to predict the lifetime of a specific chip. However, reliability testing predicts that most chips under normal operating conditions will work for 15-20 years. Some will work well beyond that lifetime. The lifetime of unused chips will be longer, but we do not have any specific information on how long they should work."

It seems that our MZ can die daily and then it will be only a museum showpiece. By the way, thanks to all programmers who present us their emulators for free. These emulators keep all MZs alive!! So we are ever able to use all software written for our MZs - even if it will die sooner or later...

This site has a lot of information for you about the following SHARP MZ's:
  • MZ-40K
  • MZ-80K / MZ-80C
  • MZ-80A / MZ-1200
  • MZ-80B
  • MZ-700
  • MZ-800 / MZ-1500
  • MZ-2000
  • MZ-2200
  • MZ-2500
  • MZ-3500
  • MZ-5600 / MZ-6500

Some additional information are available for the PC-3201, X1, and some Electronic Calculators and Typewriters ( pictures only ).

Use the menu or the search function above to find the information you need. If you do not find what you're searching for, don't hesitate to ask me.

Some words about the history of this site

The MZ-731 was my first SHARP in 1983 and always my favorite hobby, but I was frustrated to find only poor information in the Internet about it in 1998. Therefore the site "Detailed information about the MZ-700-series" was born around July 1998 using the poor web space on my German t-online-server and its unspeakable internet address.

A bit later in 1998 I could move to Sascha's German homepage ( www.zock.com/khm ) by his kindly offer and he did patiently all my updates sent by e-mail. Due to a big server problem in June 1999 all sites on this server were unavailable for a few days and in the meantime I got the kindly offer by Thierry Schembri / France to move to his well known Computingmuseum-server. Now "http://www.sharpmz.computingmuseum.com" was born and later the name "http://www.sharpmz.org" was created.

I found my first MZ-821 on a Northern Germany Easter-flea-market in 1995. In 2001 / 2002 I could buy by ebay auctions a MZ-80K with a lot of hardware, software, and informational materials and a MZ-40K with inbuilt option 1. Several MZ-700, MZ-800, and a MZ-80A, a MZ-80B, a MZ-3541, and a MZ-5600 were kindly spent in these years by two fans which stopped there SHARP-MZ-activities. All systems with a lot of hardware, software, and informational materials.

I bought "tons" of old German and some English magazines published up from the years 1981 and some Japanese magazines ( Oh! MZ ) are available too. These carry a big source of information which will be used and referenced next here time by time.

Sylvain Bizoirre ( President of the former French user club "The SHARPENTIERS" ), Arjan Habing ( a former member of the former Dutch user club MZ-GG, PUC, SUC, Neptunes Productions, and other clubs ), Reinhard Soetje ( a former member of the SUC / UK ), and other fans kindly provided me with a lot of the old club magazines which contain many information too. Information contained in several books and in operating / installation / service manuals spent from these fans are waiting for its preparation now. Thanks a lot to you all for your help.

At this point I decided to redesign my existing pages, to change its outfit completely, and to expand my site to all MZ's I own now. I'm very thankful to all visitors and to all fans who helped and want to help in the future to keep this site alive.

Software projects

I'm glad about all emulators and other software which I can offer you for download here. A bit proud I believe, that I could motivate some programmers or even reactivate some programmers to develop their high-quality software-products - mostly for free in their spare time ( like me for my work at this site ).

In 1998 the only MZ-700-emulator I could find in the Internet is designed by Marukun / Japan. He kindly changed his emulator for European standard ( ASCII, English ) by my request. Next Michael Franzen's and Matthias Koeppe's emulators followed and later the emulators of Bernd Krueger-Knauber and Zdenek Adler ( Windows / DOS, Java, and 8050 ). The emulators of Shogo Okamoto ( unfinished ), Jaroslav Kysela, Tony Friery, Roman Dolejsi, and Michal Medek which I all found by chance while surfing around.

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