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( SUC )
The SHARP USERS CLUB, based in the U.K. but with members around the globe ( including Europe, South Africa, and Australia ). The SUC started in 1980 and its quality Magazine, published 3 times a year, covers ALL Sharp computers, including the latest PC laptops. The SUC has a large library of PD software for all the older Sharp machines.
The one and only one..
Get some additional words about it now.
The Museum
A fine informational page about the MZ-700 by Thierry Schembri / France. Take a note of his great computingmuseum too, please and have a nice trip into the 80's nostalgia! English

MZ-80A Secrets

A comprehensive guide to the Sharp MZ-80A by Roland Mackenzie / Australia


Multi Computer Environment - Main page


Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

ZX Spectrum ( 48k, 128k, Pentagon, Scorpion ), Sharp MZ-800, PMD 85 JAVA emulator written by Roman Dolejsi from the Czech Republic.

The MCE framework allows users to emulate various computer configurations. Some of them are already predefined and some not. But even the predefined configurations can be modified easily as needed. Furthermore, new configurations can be created by combining already existing emulated components into one cooperating entity.

The Official MESS WIP Page

Multi Emulator Super System for MZ-700 / Europe,
MZ-700 / Japan and a lot of other 8-bit systems!
Download and select your operating system; it runs under: MacOS, DOS, Win32, DIgita, Unix, Solaris, Amiga, PowerUP, and a RISC OS
Il MESS IL MESS di Danilo Yoshi Zucchi Italian
MZ-800 Emulator page

Go and download a very fine emulator from this site. Also on these pages: a chat, Z80 documentation and much more information about MZ-800.
The author is Zdenìk Adler / Czech Republic.

MZ-800 emulator at work

( international English version is available too )

Emulátory Sharpu
aneb Flappy
je zpìt (BonusWeb)

News about Flappy game and an emulator for MZ written by Zdenìk Adler.

BonusWeb -
Emulátory Sharpu
aneb Flappy je zpìt
Emulator news about Zdenìk Adler's emulator written by Jirí Laudát. Czech
EmuZ-2000 MZ-80B / 2000 / 2200 emulator written by EmuZ-2000. Japanese
MZ-700 Emulator
MZ700WIN For Windows9x
Download Marukun's MZ-700 emulator and get the source code too from his site to change the emulator for your own purposes. Japanese
MZ-NEW MONITOR Download a monitor program with expanded functions. It's written by Marukun / Takeshi Maruyama / Japan. Japanese
Sharp MZ-80A Games MZ-80A games written by Ben Coffer English

-=Emul8 -
8 bit retrocomputing=-

Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

Sharp MZ 700 Gallery. Screenshots and downloads for games running on Marukun's emulator - very nice done by Stanley / Slovakia. Stanley informs me: "MZ 800 and download of depicted games will be added soon". Thanks for the info. English

-=Emul8 -
8 bit retrocomputing=-

Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

And now there it is: Stanley's Sharp MZ 800 Gallery. Screenshots and downloads for games running on Zdenek Adler's emulator - also very nice done by Stanley / Slovakia. English
[jens schoenfeld]
May be, you're searching for something like connecting an own floppy controller or other hardware expansions to enable your own written emulator to read floppies directly etc. then go to this site. Catweasel is a hardware product and a floppy controller which is able to read most disk formats of old machines. English

Download centrum for

A very fine page about MZ's! You'll find a lot of information and tips and hints ( FAQ ) around the MZ-800, e.g. how to transfer data between PC and MZ or the datarecorder. You'll find too a lot of downloadable programs: emulators, utilities, tools, and games.
The author is Miroslav Hajda / Czech Republic.
Ultimate MZ Emulator
(UMZE) for Java2

( UMZE Project Site )
Get information from this site and download utilities: a Turbo Copy program, an emulator written in Java language, a converter program to convert MZF-formatted files into a wave-file ( file suffix .WAV ), and more..
The author is Feri / Slovakia.

Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

Download programs, e.g. Flappy, emulators, Basic-Compiler, and others from Feri's site. English
Emulator Pages
MZ-800 emulator page of Matthias Koeppe / Germany. English
Homepage of Andreas Jung

Tape tools by Andreas Jung
Homepage of Andreas Jung / Germany and his tape tools. English
Welcome to the
Sharp MZ-80B
Information Repository

Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

Tony Friery's great pages about the MZ-80B. MZ-80B emulator ( in progress ), specifications, documents, downloads, and much more. English

Sharp MZ-80K


The author is Angelo Fonzeca / Italy and he shows information about the MZ-80K and other systems at his homepage. Italian

MZ-800 RetroMuseum


The author is Ulf Wagemann / Germany giving information around the MZ-700 and MZ-800. Visit his professionally designed pages and look at his very high quality pictures of MZ-systems. You'll find there literature, manuals, software and much more.

Visit also his homepage to enjoy his artistically photos and painted pictures.


Sharp MZ-80K / C

This Japanese site has very good information about the MZ-80K ( all models ), MZ-80C, MZ-1200, and its peripherals. Japanese
MZ-1U08 Info about the Expansion Unit MZ-1U08 Japanese
12 Aug 1999 Very nice pics, infos about MZ and games Japanese
MZ-Accessories Detailed list of MZ peripheral devices and accessories sorted by SHARP parts code. ( Take a kindly look of my detailed product key index list too. ) Japanese
Homebuild Basic Plotter /
Engraver / Vinyl-cutter /
Homebuild Basic Plotter / Engraver / Vinyl-cutter / PCB-driller a basic program reads a HPGL file and controls stepper motors connected to parallel port. English
software download
Download a few of utilities and games from this site. Seems to be down..? English

This is an interesting site about a Forth system for the Z80. CamelForth / Z80 is an ANSI compliant Forth system for the Zilog Z80 microprocessor. It includes the Forth kernel, interpreter, and compiler. As distributed, CamelForth will assemble to run under CP/M 2.x.

If you don't have CP/M, you can use the MYZ80 emulator on an IBM PC, or you can rewrite the source code for your Z80 macro assembler.


Z80 Emulator (MicroProfessor)
by Ray Charest

Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

If you want to get knowledge of how the CPU Z80 works, then use the Z80 emulator ( Java applet ) online. English
(Z80 emulator +
CP/M-80 BIOS to run CP/M)
Download page for Z80 emulator + CP/M-80 BIOS to run CP/M English

The MZ-80B Emulation Project

Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

MZ80B Emulation Project by Tony Friery / UK. Some words by him:

Whilst this page has not been updated in some time, I assure you that the MZ80B Emulation Project has just entered a new phase, and hopefully there will be some news soon!


JPEMU.COM | Welcome
to the "official" home
of the JPM Impact Emulator
This is another emulation project by Tony Friery for Fruit Machines. English
You are at Holger's Robot
and Computer Site
Are you interested in robots?
If so, you can visit Holger's robot and computer site. You'll find some information about the MZ too.
KaZuhiro FuRuhata's GAME Great 80's games adapted on the MZ-700 !

MZ-700 tiny XEVIOUS

Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

MZ game page about XEVIOUS Japanese
Xevious Parallel World tiny XEVIOUS for MZ-700 Japanese
robotron Z1013 Holger Krull's homepage about the microcomputer kit Z1013. German

8-Bit-Nirvana: Sharp

The computer museum by Sascha Hoogen. German

The Dot Eaters/
The Number Crunchers -
Die Geschichte der
Videospiele & Heimcomputer

The history of home computers and video games. German

Quitho's Alteisen: Home

Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

The computer museum by Thomas Quiring / Germany . German
Der Sharp MZ-700
in Boris' Computermuseum
Info about the MZ-700 German
Computer Emulation Centre :
PC88 System Information
Info about the MZ-700 English
| |
Webdesign, a lot of useful tips and hints for PC's, and an own Chat.
online computermuseum
and retrocomputing homepage
Computer museum with a lot of information, an own chat, and an own auction powered by eBay. German
HCM: The Home
Computer Museum ...
Computer museum with a lot of information, a lot of pics, and an own flea market.
"HCM - The HomeComputer Museum. A collection of now obsolete computers like Acorn, Amstrad, Apple, Atari, Commodore, MSX, Schneider, Sharp, Sinclair, Tandy"
and a lot of information about east-european computers.
English Fine page about the history of computers. Read the well written detailed stories. German
DATENNETZE - Startseite Alles über Kommunikationstechnik: Netze, Protokolle und Netzwerk-Komponenten - Ethernet, Token Ring, GSM, ISDN, ATM, TCP/IP, HTTP, E-Mail,... German
Nice pics of MZ's, a collection of downloadable circuit diagrams of some 8bitters, and much more infos. German
Yuki's Labo.
PC museum page 1
Info about the MZ-700 and the MZ-770.... Japanese
MZ-700 - Specs Info about the MZ-700 Spanish


Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

Info about the MZ-800 and other Sharps
( Thanks to Karl Walpuski for this hint )
Mika Ojutkangas
gamla datorer.
Info about MZ-700 Finnish


Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

Info about the MZ computers

mz mz mz mz mz mz mz mz

Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

Links for Sharp MZ-2500 and other MZ's
MZ-700 friendly club Links, information, and downloads for Sharp MZ-700.
Great site !
MO5.COM : Le Sharp MZ-700 Info about the MZ-700 French


Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

Info about the MZ-700 French
MZ Mailing List
for Japan
MZ Mailing List Japanese
for Japan
MZ FAQ List Japanese


Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

Info about the MZ-700 Japanese
Magical Logic Factory
Info about the MZ-700 and games screen shots Japanese

File001 SHARP MZ-700

Sorry, the site seems to be dead ?

Info about the MZ-700 ( Vintage Computers Museum ) Japanese
MZ-700 Info about the MZ-700 Japanese

IDLE SOFT Magazine Oh!MZ

Info about the MZ-700 Japanese
MZ-1500 memories 9 Info about the MZ-700 / 1500 ( S-Basic / HuBasic ) Japanese


Info about MZ's Japanese
MZ-1500 home page Info about the MZ-1500 and fine links Japanese
Magical Logic Factory -
Classic PC
Info about the MZ-80K / 700 / 1500 / 2500 Japanese

SHARP Russia

The Russian site of SHARP Russian

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