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MZ-800 emulator 
(written by Jaroslav Kysela)  
An emulator that was written by Jaroslav Kysela/Czechoslovakia is available here. The documentation is written in czech and english.

Use ctimne.exe to browse the english documentation or use ctimnc.exe to browse the czech documentation. Further documentation you'll find here.

The emulator has an inbuilt debugger and it uses the MZF-file format (see the 2 examples in the ZIP-file to download). This format is compatible to the M12-format. To download this version click here (about 279 KB).

There is no support available now or in the future for this emulator. Please take a note of the message from Jaroslav to me:
No please, I will not response to any question about MZ-800 emulator. This project is down for me...

Here are some installation instructions:
The file is zipped and unzips automatically after starting. It creates a directory SHARP. In this directory the program SHARP.EXE must be started to start the emulator. It must be started in a full-screen DOS-box. Use C (Cassette) to see the contents of the program-directory.

Two programs come with this emulator, FLAPPY and TETRIS. This emulator also contains a debugger (press ESC), so you can change the SPEED of your programs when they are running to fast. Enjoy it.

Special thanks to Andrej Hradnansky/Slovak Republic for the translation of the czech documentation into the english language.

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last updated June 4, 2007

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