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MZ-700 / 800 Emulator 
( written by Michal Medek / Czechoslovakia )  

The initial screen

This emulator was written by Michal Medek from Czechoslovakia.

The emulator supports the following features:

  • Floppy disk: Read, Write, Format - 1 drive, MZ format ( 256 byte sector size )
  • Quick Disk: Read, Write, Format
  • Ram Disk: full function - ( 64, 128, 256, 512, 1,024kByte )
  • Graphics: MZ-700 and MZ-800 all modes
  • HW: MZ-700 switch on / off
  • SRam: full function
  • Sound: sound generator, noise, 8255 generate, 8253 generate ( half )
  • CMT: patch into ROM ( enable / disable )
  • FONT-files can be selected ( Japanese, FLAPPY, NAKAMOTO, MOTY, ZEXAS, ADVOKA, CGROM, own, etc. )

    FONT selection

  • The emulator works under Windows 9x / ME / NT 4 / NT 5.

You'll see some of the screens here to get a short overview of its functions.

About screen
The version information window invoked by the menu items "Help" and "About".

Selecting the item Status from the Configuration menu the emulation status information will be shown:

Invoking the emulator's status screen

The emulator's status screen

You can change the display color to the black / white mode only:

Invoking the black / white mode

Setting the emulator's options

The Setup panel selected by the menu items "Configuration" and "Setup" enables you to set the MZ-700 / MZ-800 mode and the size for the RAM-disk ( selectable are 64, 128, 256, 512, 1,024 kb ). I don't know the meaning of the "MZ-700 switch".

The MZ-700 mode
The MZ-700 mode of the emulator

The following picture shows the directory of the floppy disk image which is added by the author to the downloadable ZIP-file ( file name FDisk.bin; BASIC MZ-2Z046 was preloaded ):

Floppy disk emulation

The following picture shows the directory of the Quick Disk image which is added by the author to the downloadable ZIP-file ( file name QDisk.bin ):

Quick Disk emulation

A utility ( MZFINFO.exe ) is added by the author and it shows the information of the file header:

The MZF-info utility
Execute it by: MZINFO.exe  filename.mzf


You can download now the version ( 166 kb ) you saw above. FONT-files are included, but download BASICs, programs, and utilities if needed from my download section, please.

Unzip all files into the directories specified in the ZIP-file. Ready... enjoy it.

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last updated June 4, 2007

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