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MZ-700 emulator 
( written by Marukun / Takeshi Maruyama )  

The emulator screen

This MZ-700 emulator for Windows 9x / NT was developed only
from 1998 until 2000 by Marukun / Takeshi Maruyama from Tokyo.

The About Screen

Note Comments by
This project is down. After 2 years of development, in October 2000, the author has stopped the development of this emulator. Next he restarted to try some more: A MZ-NEW MONitor... The development of this is down too.

The emulator cannot be used to load any BASIC programs, nothing can be stored, no plotter / printer support, there is no support for any floppies and QuickDisks, RAM cards, RS232, 80-character display and CP/M.

A new version called MZ-700WIN y2k appeared in the Japanese MZ-scene with some minor changes. The project is dead since October 2002 ?

Two versions of character ROMs are available: the European MZ-700 character ROM ( type 2732, IC# BC on board typed with 8-D ) is available in the file and the Japanese MZ-700 character ROM is available in the file

Each character of 512 possible display characters is represented by an 8 x 8 bits matrix and this requires a 4KB ROM. Respecting the copyright by Sharp each display character is translated into an 8 x 8 bytes matrix and stored into the file mz700fon.txt and then compressed to ( The copyright of the file is held by Marukun. )

The content of the file is MKFNT.EXE and the copyright is also held by Marukun. This program produces the output file using the input file mz700fon.txt, which is contained in the ROM zip files described above. The content of the produced output file is the same as the original character ROM in the real MZ-700.

Use to get the contents of a European version of the character ROM or to get the contents of a Japanese version of the character ROM.

The installation instructions are as followed:

- download this emulator ( 145Kb ) or
- download emulator from this site ( 145Kb )
- unzip all files into your emulator directory.

You need also a file called mz700.rom. To get the file MZ700.rom do the following:
- download the emulator for DOS ( 157KB ) from Michael Franzen / Germany described below.
- download the file ( 50KB ) now and unzip this file into another directory e.g. \ROM.
- unzip the file of the DOS emulator of Michael Franzen / Germany into the same directory i.e. \ROM, then
- execute the program GEN_ROMA.EXE from this ZIP-file. You'll get a file MZ700A.rom.
- rename the file MZ700A.rom to MZ700.rom and copy it into your emulator directory.
- delete the directory i.e. \ROM ( don't do if you want to keep the emulator from Michael Franzen too ).

In addition you need a character ROM-file. To this, do the following steps:
- download ( 7KB, contains the Japanese character set ) or ( 5KB, contains the European character set ) and unzip the file into your emulator directory.
- execute mkfnt.exe to generate your character ROM. The file name generated will be
- rename the generated file to mz700fon.dat if you'll generate a European font. The files mz700fon.dat ( European font ) and ( Japanese font ) can be selected in a menu. This means, you can generate the European font first and after renaming the generated file you also can generate the Japanese font and you're able to select both generated fonts by the menu item "Screen / Font set".
- Create your own font set if other characters are needed than the ones defined in the European font set contained in ( and don't forget to post it to me, thanks :-).
- execute the emulator mz700.exe.

You can download the source code ( 115 KB ) of this emulator.

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last updated June 4, 2007

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