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The cover of the book - click for a detailed view
The cover of the book -
click for a detailed view
New cover ( English )

The Dutch book "De SHARP MZ-800 ten voeten uit" ( The SHARP MZ-800 by heart ) was written in 1990 by Arjan Habing/NL and Mark de Rover/NL for all - beginners and professionals.

It contains details about the hardware and software usage and programming instructions for the MZ-800 hardware explained step by step.

For the 1st edition 200 books were printed and sold.

Download the original Dutch book (PDF, 56,468kb, 250 pages)

Both authors were the founders of NEPTUNES Productions. Read the history about the beginning of the book and NEPTUNES written by Mark de Rover:

Well, I founded Neptunes Software in about 1985 / 1986. I mostly built small applications and games. Games like "Galgje", "The Wall", "Zombo" and more.
After a while my brother ( Jeroen ) and I decided that the Basic language was kind of crappy, so we did some expanding... We integrated a tape-speed selector, bitmaps ( sprites ) and more gadges. We put all this in Neptunes Basic.
After a few years I met Arjan Habing via a mutual friend. Arjan was also very active in the SHARP world. We started to talk and ( as far as I can recall ) Arjan told me he wanted to write a book. So, we decided to write it together and use my firm to publish it. So he joined the firm and we renamed it to Neptunes Productions.
Arjan did most of the writing ( by far ) and he was the driving force behind the book. At the time I was getting very busy with other things and decided I had to quit.

I got this book from Arjan in 2002 and I decided to put it for download on my site. The problem is I can't understand any Dutch and I discussed this problem with Jeroen F. J. Laros/NL who is well known to us by his excellent programs and utilities which he wrote for this site for free download. To cut a long story short, the translation of this book having about 240 pages A4 !! is in progress by Jeroen's kindly help. In the meantime half of the book is translated. I put his translation here step by step and when he has finished his great work , I put a Dutch and an English PDF version of this book for download on my site. This will take a while - be patient. Take a look at these pages time by time and see what's new.

Only I and Jeroen got the exclusive permission to publish and translate the book. Read the book now beginning on the next page.

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