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12/28/01 I started to redesign the complete site. A new navigation added and server structure changed, all pages redesigned, corrections, expansions for MZ-80, MZ-800, MZ-700, and much more.
12/21/01 Information added about Zdenìk Adler.
12/19/01 MZ-80A character-ROM added to page SHARP ROMs and programs for download.
A new MZ-800-emulator written in JAVA is available for download. The author of the emulator is Zdenìk Adler.
The emulator can be used online and offline. It can be used on each computer which uses JAVA!
12/05/01 A 8050 emulator written by Zdenìk Adler is available for download.
Monitor ROM SA-1510 of MZ-80A added for download.
11/19/01 The ROM of the 8050 microprocessor of the plotter MZ-1P01 / MZ-1P16 is available for download. Full documentation will follow.
I am a member of the SUC / UK now.
11/18/01 A new version of Zdenìk Adler's fine MZ-800 emulator is available. It supports now a mouse emulation. See my download section please.
11/16/01 Length of file OPENING 800 DATA corrected.
PC-tape-interface MZLOAD / MZSAVE corrected.
11/14/01 Version 0.075 of Zdenìk Adler's emulator is available for download. The emulator now fully supports the plotter!

ROM of:
disk interface MZ-1E05,
RS-232C interface CE-340R,
and the disk BASIC MZ-2Z046
added to the page ROMs and programs.

10/22/01 I've changed the Announcement page which contains your offers and more downloads (utilities, games). The update was necessary because the offers of Arjan Habing are no longer available :-(
10/09/01 Version 0.074 of Zdenìk Adler's emulator is available for download. The emulator is able to convert WAV, BIN, and MZF formats.
10/08/01 A new page added: Information about the Extension RAM MZ-1R12.
10/04/01 Disk Basic MZ-5Z008 added to ROMs and programs.

A new version of the MZ-700 emulator written by Bernd Krueger-Knauber is availabel for download. It supports all plotter functions including printing by your printer, SAVE and LOAD all programs, joy sticks, 32kb RAM disk 1R12. The source code is available for download too.

Page ROMs and programs expanded.

Page MZ-800 technical data MZ-800 pic added.


Page NEWS header changed.

Link to Webtrends statistic deleted.

PC tape interface corrected and the description expanded. The MZLOAD/MZSAVE programs work now correct and can be used for MZ-800 too.

09/25/01 MZ-80B ROMs added. The work for the page SHARP ROMs continued.

New version 0.073 of Zdenìk's emulator availabel!

New (undocumented) functions of Zdenìk's emulator available!

I've added the japanese ROM to the ROM-file (14 KB) needed for Zdenìk's emulator.

Sorry, the japanese ROM MZ-700/1500 CG-ROM jap. (2kb) was incorrect, each character in the ROM was a mirror of the character. This is now corrected. Please send me the original contents of this ROM, if you have. The ROM is made only by a printout.

I've added a useful program (written by Thorsten Hitzemann, thanks Thorsten!) to my download page. It reverses each character of a given file (e.g. $22 becomes $44, 00100010 to 01000100).

09/22/01 A new emulator for MZ-800 written by Zdenìk Adler is available now for download. The emulator has a lot of very useful features for Z80 machine language program development like assembler, disassembler, and debugger tools, but useful features for users who enjoy playing MZ-games too.

New links added.

A second download page added for SHARP programs and the contents of SHARP ROMs for MZ-series.

09/17/01 A new fast emulator version for plain DOS written by Michael Franzen is available now. Please take a kindly note of my download page.
The source code to this version can be downloaded too!!
The DOS version can be used under Win 95/NT4/NT5 too.
Some ROMs are included to be able to run his emulators for Coleco, Nascom, Spectrum, and ZX81 too.
If you're searching only for a Z80 disassembler then download his emulator. A disassembler for the Z80 is included!

The OPENING 800 demo didn't contain the needed data file. Now it is available and you can download it completely (47KB).
The game HUNCHY in my download file was unexecutable. Download the correct file now (16KB).
Michael Franzen has a new version of his emulator. Download his emulator now (367KB) It contains new functions and errors were corrected. Please wait for my detailed report to all the new functions.
A new download page will be available soon with very much new games, utilities, information, and programs to download. Please be patient.

09/04/01 New links added to the link page.
08/15/01 New links added to the link page.
08/13/01 Broken links outside of my site corrected.
A lot of new links added and some old links updated.
New design of link page.
If anything is incorrect, please inform me by email. Thanks..
08/07/01 Broken links within my site corrected.

11 new english/german games for MZ-800 added to download. Thanks to Michael Stein/Germany for his support!

Photo of the data recorder MZ-1T01 added.


Design of entry page continued.

===> MZ-800 pages started:
Technical data of MZ-800 added first.

07/04/01 I changed the design of the entry to this site: The first page.

New versions of the emulators from Bernd Krueger-Knauber/Germany and from Zdenìk / Czech Republic uploaded. See my download page please.

The plotter demo could not be downloaded. All links were incorrect. This problem is now corrected. Immediate download can be done from here too.

New links added to my download area.


New versions of the emulators from Bernd Krueger-Knauber/Germany, from Marukun/Japan, and from Zdenìk Adler / Czech Republic uploaded. See my download page please.

Several dead links and incorrect email addresses corrected.

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