Zdenìk Adler
Zdenìk Adler 

Zdenìk Adler/Czech Republic is working within an furniture remover company as a network administrator. He is born in 1979 and is living in Brno. Zdenìk is not married. He studied consumer electronics and digital technic.

I got emulators from him which are downloadable from my download page and a lot of useful information and software.

His hobbies are: electronic, computer, bike, and tourism.

His first computer contact in his school was a Tesla PMD-85 made in Czechoslovakia ( clone 8080 - MHB-8080 / 2 MHz, 48kB RAM, 4kB ROM, 8kB VRAM. Very interesting thing, can warm coffee :-). Later he got a MZ-800. Now he works with a PC ( PII / 333 MHz ).

Please take a kindly note of his own page ( written in Czech only ).


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last updated June 25, 2002

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