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Accessing Portfolio Mail Server

As part of my involvement in the Portfolio scene I have set up an automated mail server on my UNIX machine. It dials the Internet once a week, during Saturday morning and collects any waiting mail for me, if there is any mail for the mail server, a program will respond by reading any mail addressed to and process the request.

Currently there are over 700 files on the mail server (a complete list is available), all for the Portfolio. To access these, if you are not already a member, you need to send an email message to the user, containting the text 'subscribe portfolio'.

Once subscribed the mail server will respond to simple commands, the two main ones are:

  • get portfolio <file-name> (Retrieves the named file)
    • For example to retrieve Portfolio User Number 9, you would send a message with the text 'get portfolio pf9.txt' to Within a couple of days you should receive by email the document pf9.txt

  • unsubscribe portfolio (Removes your name from the mailing list)

By subscribing to the mail server, not only do you get FREE access to the Portfolio archives, but you will also receive the Portfolio User as it is published, again FREE.