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I have decided to do away with the origional image map as there are not really enough sites on the Web to justify the work.




Atari Portfolio Club (UK)

The Portfolio Club UK is run by Paul Finch, they charge a small annual membership fee (currently 6.00GBP) and produce a quarterly magazine called the Portfolio Times.

They have an extensive range of products and a price list on their Web site.


Portfolio Club Deustchland[German]

PCD is the ultimate in Portfolio clubs, they are well organised and have, what seems like, a bottomless pit of knowledge and resourcefulness when it comes to the portfolio, their site is well worth a visit.

Stefans ATARI Portfolio location[German And English]

Stefan is very involved in the Portfolio scene in Germany, if you have a problem or question he can either answer it or put you in touch with someone who can, I can recommend a visit to his site.

Klaus Peichls[German and English]

Klaus Peichls web page has software to download for the portfolio.

Gunnar Tholes[German and English]

There are a number of interesting downloads located on this page.

Lutz Hermanns[German and English]

Donwload page for GOFOLIO a small programming language.


Informatique M2000 Home Page[French]

Site that is only just starting up, has some images of the Portfolio.

Portfolio Home Page

Portfolio Language/1 Home Page

PL/1 is a very small and fast programming language for the PC/Portfolio, it has the following features

  • Cheap (donation of $10 is appreciated)
  • Fast (about 10x faster than PBASIC)
  • Small (less than 12 Kb) and small sized programs (mostly smaller than equivalent machine code)
  • Dynamic memory and supporting functions (including use of pointers and pointer arithmetic)
  • String type and string manipulation functions
  • Double precision floating point arithmetic
  • File functions
  • Graphics functions (including CIRCLE command and scalable font)
  • Structured programming (IF, WHILE, FOR, and PROC)
  • Automatic indentation and line numbering
  • Easy interfacing to machine code (INT and CALL)
  • Works on all DOS compatible platforms

When run on a Portfolio the following applies:

  • Fast screen refresh using direct hardware in/output in graphics mode
  • Support of TONE and DIAL commands (ignored when executed on a standard PC)
  • Support of PORT, BLINK, RATE and WAIT commands (ignored when executed on a standard PC)
  • In EDIT mode the build-in line editor of the Portfolio is used (see your Portfolio manual for key-strokes)

Polish Atari Users Home Page[Polish]

A well designed site that is constantly being updated.

Jaroslaw Paterczyks

A small site, with software that has been written by the site owner in Power Basic, worth a look.

Atari Portfolio Page[Polish and English]

Well designed site, contains software for downloads, details for the Portfolio Joystick interfaces, FAQ and links page.

A Portfolio Users Page[Polish]

Contains links to other Portfolio Pages.