Archive List Of For Atari Portfolio/Dip Pocket PC ------------------------------------------------- Last Updated: 11/04/96 Type Description ==== ============ z PKZIP 2.04g And UU-Encoded u UU-Encode Plain Text Portfolio ADR Files ------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== 8088.adr 8068 8088 Assembler Command Listing dip-h.adr 10376 Dip Portfolio Catalogue (Hardware) dip-n.adr 4164 Dip Portfolio Catalogue (Notes) dip-s.adr 22426 Dip Portfolio Catalogue (Software) dos.adr 3505 Portfolio MS-DOS Command Listing escape.adr 1920 List Of ANSI.SYS Escape Codes ez-ref.adr 30464 Complete Portfolio Reference nutips.adr 2794 Portfolio New User Tips pbas30.adr 7311 PBasic V3.0 Command List z recipe.uue 23159 Two Sets Of Recipes t2.adr 5376 Details About Terminator II Total Number Of Files In Area: 11 Portfolio Animation Files -------------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z dominos.uue 25168 Falling Dominos Animation (Reqs .PGX Viewer) z eyes.uue 4419 Blinking And Moving Eyes (Reqs .PGX Viewer) z fbi.uue 3444 FBI Warning Message z hp.uue 4257 HP95LX Demo z ibm.uue 3646 IBM Logo Animation z live.uue 3729 Terminator 2 Advert z t2.uue 2571 Terminator 2 Demo (Reqs .PGX Viewer) z tree.uue 1389 Christmas Tree With Flashing Lights (Reqs .PGX Viewer) Total Number Of Files In Area: 8 Portofolio Applications ------------------------ Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z adcalc.uue 45527 Demo Of Advertising Rates Calculator z adr_bk.uue 98269 Powerful Database Based On .ADR Files z adr_bo.uue 107685 Powerful Database Based On .ADR Files Ver 1.1 z blpm21.uue 52009 Big Little Print Machine File Viewer (Ver 2.1) z cbase.uue 29060 Small Data Collection Tool For PF z db.uue 14465 Database Program (Small But Good) z drytim.uue 7601 Store Time Spent On Tasks In Diary z editor.uue 27077 Full Screen Text Editor z esie.uue 135893 Expert Systems Interface z grafio.uue 11121 Bar Graphs For The Portfolio z loan.uue 13753 Loan Calculator z olne315.uue 68394 PC Outliner Version 3.15 z outlin.uue 14969 Demonstation Of Portfolio Outliner Program z pc.uue 12213 Portfolio Programmers Calculator z pcal21.uue 63165 Portfolio Diary For Windows Version 2.1 z pcrd11.uue 45705 Portfolio Cardfile For Windows Version 1.01 z pcrd20.uue 51703 Portfolio Cardfile For Windows Version 2.0 z pf11.uue 16899 Portfolio File Manager Version 1.1 z pged12.uue 98083 PGEDIT 1.2, Allows Editing Of .PGC/.PGF Files z pim.uue 77592 Personal Information Manager z plotto.uue 46751 Lottery Program z qedit.uue 156014 QEdit 2.08 Text Editor z sched.uue 30796 College Class Scheduler Version 2.4 (Includes Source) z sl-out.uue 16077 Todo List/Outliner z spell1.uue 39403 MS-DOS Spell Checker (Includes Source) z spellp.uue 107371 ASCII File Spell Checker z timb11.uue 50289 MS Access Database For Importing TRS Files z tmw.uue 25114 Appointment Displayer z tmw20.uue 30106 Appointment Displayer (Version 2) z trackr.uue 30991 Track Car Fuel Costs z travtrac.uue 52491 Expense Manager (Max 20 Items Per File) z trs.uue 29474 Time Recording System (Version 1.0) z tw12.uue 33663 Travel Ware 1.2 Expense Manager Total Number Of Files In Area: 33 Archive Utilities ----------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z arcbat.uue 13859 Create .ARC Archive Files z arcex.uue 12898 Extract .ARC Files (Version 4.0e) z arj.uue 98734 ARJ Compression Program, Used With .ARJ Files z cmpexp.uue 14841 Compression Program z compak.uue 9027 Combine Up-to 16 .COM Files Into One Library z compre.uue 8439 File Compressor/Decompressor z lzexe091.uue 57575 Compresses .EXE Files, Used With PREAD z lzhe.uue 8057 LZHE Compression, Used For .LZH Files z parc.uue 19345 .ARC Archive Utilities z pklte150.uue 52999 Compress .EXE Programs And Let Them Still Run u pkunzip.uue 40892 PKUNZIP Compression, Req For All File Type z u pkzip.uue 58484 Pkzip Compression (Version 2.04g) z putget.uue 11431 Simple File Compressor And De-Compressor Total Number Of Files In Area: 13 Atari ST Files --------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z pgfmak.uue 19421 Convert DEGA Files To .PGF Files Total Number Of Files In Area: 1 Basic Source Code ----------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z 4corn1.uue 6211 PBASIC Src For A Game Called 4 Corner Solitaire z apfel.uue 1532 Draw Fractals z bankac.uue 30697 Bank Transaction Tracker z bas-src.uue 76450 Various Basic Source Code Vol I z blackj.uue 3127 Game Of Black Jack z filsel.uue 2991 File Selection Routine z garden.uue 4231 Garden Planning Program z golf10.uue 19425 Pbasic 4 Source Code For A Golf Game z joesim.uue 75717 Artificial Inteligence Program z musicj.uue 3747 Play More Music On Your PF z musick.uue 4017 Play Music On The Portfolio z notes.uue 28068 Trip Note Expense Logger z pbas-src.uue 91737 Various P-Basic Source Code z pbrun.uue 25468 Power Basic Runtime Routines z pf_tro.uue 6295 Portfolio Tron Light Cycle Game z portcs.uue 4207 Copies .ADR and .DRY To Comma Seperated Files z slot.uue 2121 Slot Machine Game z taxcal.uue 3495 Bi-Lingual Tax Calculator z tdutil.uue 10779 Tandy PDDx Utilities z tm2.uue 7052 Tandy PDD2 Disk Manager z wca.uue 2484 Simple Flight Calculator z wordga.uue 2735 Game Written In Basic (Unknown Language) z world.uue 2040 Simple Clock Written In PBasic z zbas-src.uue 6291 Zbasic Source Code Examples z zxamples.uue 37197 ZBASIC Example Programs Total Number Of Files In Area: 25 Portfolio Books ---------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== u alice1.uue 33917 Alice In Wonderland Part I u alice2.uue 34827 Alice In Wonderland Part II u alice3.uue 30895 Alice In Wonderland Part III u atax01.uue 35005 Star Trek TNG Adventure Part I u atax02.uue 26167 Star Trek TNG Adventure Part II u atax03.uue 32277 Star Trek TNG Adventure Part III u athlp.uue 4846 Hayes AT Command Language Reference u belief.uue 3475 What I Believe By Steve Martin u dict.uue 33845 English Dictionary u diehd3.uue 4703 Die Hard III Script u dosint.uue 21501 Dos Interupt Handler List u glass1.uue 35053 Allice Through The Looking Glass Part I u glass2.uue 23597 Allice Through The Looking Glass Part II u glass3.uue 36017 Allice Through The Looking Glass Part III u glass4.uue 19471 Allice Through The Looking Glass Part IV u hacker.uue 14615 The Hackers Test u jackh.uue 16514 Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey z kling.uue 36628 An Introduction To Klingon u lisp-t.uue 15487 Crash Course In LISP z murphy.uue 5489 Murphys Law Of Computing u pbdoc.uue 28088 Pbasic v4.9 Instruction List u plmtop.uue 23919 Details About Palmtop Computers u portfa.uue 33879 Portfolio FAQ 1992 u rhps.uue 27429 The Rocky Horror Picture Show u snark.uue 23016 The Hunting Of The Snark u span2_.uue 32697 Spanish to English Dictionary u techie.uue 7769 The Techie Code u thetao.uue 15317 The Tao of Programming z uforea.uue 60139 Ufo Bibliography Total Number Of Files In Area: 29 Communications Programs ----------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z 300bm.uue 12356 Simple Serial PC To Portfolio Transfer z acom.uue 20057 Xmodem and Serial Terminal Emulation, Version 1.0 z acom11.uue 20715 Xmodem and Serial Terminal Emulation, Version 1.1 z aload.uue 3056 Transfer ACOM To The Portfolio (No Software Needed) z arlink.uue 16967 Portfolio To PC Parallel Transfer Program z aterm220.uue 24817 Serial Comms Program From The Netherlands z flink-95.uue 574393 Demo Of PC To Portfolio Transfer Program z ft4lpt.uue 2817 How To Patch FT.COM To Use LPT2 etc .. z ftmenu.uue 33087 Menu Based PC To Portfolio Transfer Program z ftmenu11.uue 53437 Version 1.1 Of FTMENU z lptswap.uue 1686 Swaps LPT1 to LPT2 z pcomm1.uue 37339 Portfolio Terminal Emulator And File Transfer z pf2st.uue 7082 File Transfer Between Portfolio And Atari-ST z pfboot.uue 55725 'No' Software Needed Serial File Transfer Prog z plm.uue 4786 Port Line Monitor, Monitors Serial Ports z port8bit.uue 3031 File Describing How To Connect PF To 8-Bit Machine z portlink.uue 85949 Portfolio To Atari-ST Transfer Program z porttost.uue 6135 Portfolio To Atari-ST Serial Transfer Prog z prn-lptx.uue 2753 Swaps LPT1 To LPT2 z prtcis.uue 9563 Terminal Program That Allows Connection To Compuserve z pterm2.uue 44407 Terminal Emulator With ZMODEM (Serial) z sft.uue 88086 Serial PC To Portfolio Transfer Prog (Plus Source) z sft40.uue 46370 SFT Version 4.0 z slave.uue 24628 Quick and Simple File Transfer z st_folio.uue 60423 Parallel File Transfer Program For Atari-ST z tinycm.uue 8403 TinyCOMM, Small Terminal Emulator z tmxm.uue 3821 Terminal Emulator With Xmodem z tmxm2.uue 5430 Terminal Emulator With Xmodem (Version 2) z wlink.uue 22252 Simple Master/Slave Serial Transfer Program z xload2.uue 3049 Transfers XTERM2 To Portfolio (No Software Needed) z xterm1.uue 5227 Terminal Emulator With XMODEM File Transfer z xterm2.uue 6269 Terminal Emulator With XMODEM File Transfer Ver II z zip.uue 19848 Fast Serial Transfer Program Total Number Of Files In Area: 33 Software Drivers For The Portfolio ----------------------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z fdrive.uue 10675 Drivers For The Portfolio FolioDrive Unit z flash2.uue 43767 Flash Drive HDU Drivers And Utilites z flash3.uue 20203 Flash Drive HDU Drivers z fmap05.uue 49761 Drivers And Utilities For OPTROL 524K Flash Card z fmap1.uue 45176 Drivers And Utilities For OPTROL 1MB Flash Card z fmap2.uue 48350 Drivers And Utilities For OPTROL 2MB Flash Card z fmap4.uue 55406 Drivers And Utilities For OPTROL 2MB Flash Card z folio.uue 25352 FolioDrive Drivers And Utilities In German (I Think) Total Number Of Files In Area: 8 Games ----- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z 2tic.uue 7045 Two Player Tic-Tac-Toe, Reqs PBRUN And Serial Port z adv.uue 166326 Text Based Adventure Game (Include Source) z avg.uue 31034 Tic-Tac-Toe With Funny Graphics And Sounds z bomber.uue 5861 Destroy The Sky Scrapers To Land Your Plane z calli.uue 16420 Callisto, Space Mining Game On Jupitor z casino.uue 11445 Pontoon, 21 or Blackjack z cave.uue 36519 Cave Adventure (Text Only) z chch.uue 4911 Chinese Checkers z chess.uue 6946 The Games Of Chess z crashb.uue 33107 Breakout With Graphics And Sound (Inc Pascal Src) z crib.uue 19663 Cribbage For The Portfolio z dozen.uue 4420 Mathematical Board Game Based On A 5 x 5 Grid z dtetris.uue 5804 Tetris For The Portfolio z eliza.uue 18458 Inteligent 'Doctor' Program z fen.uue 6416 Rebounding Fence Game z fs.uue 3381 Small Flight Simulator z guichess.uue 14935 Advanced Chess Game Including Graphics z hadg.uue 2729 Eat The Apples, Very Good z hangem.uue 3633 Hangman For The Portfolio z hanoi.uue 6214 The Towers Of Hanoi z hquiz.uue 25120 The Hacker Test Version 1.0 z jrpunk2.uue 34716 Punkman Junior 2 (Pac Man) z life.uue 9293 The Game Of Life, Create Your Own z lmine.uue 8852 Landmine Game z mastmind.uue 5795 Mastermind Game z maze.uue 21367 Invisible Maze Game z mcromaze.uue 17265 Similar To But Has Baddies z merlin.uue 6203 Logic Puzzle Version 1.0 z midigo.uue 48153 Mini Golf Swift Basic Game (V Good) z mine.uue 8905 Landmine Game For Portfolio z minini.uue 48025 Marshall Arts Style Swift Basic Game z mmjoy.uue 17746 Micromaze But Using Joystick z mstmd.uue 2862 Mastermind Game (Guess The Four Numbers) z othell.uue 7761 Othello Game By BJ Gleason z othello.uue 6564 The Game Of Othello z pchess.uue 36417 Chess By BJ Gleason z pchess1.uue 36840 Chess By Mike Weiblen z pfpeak.uue 16999 PF PEAKS Solitaire Card Game z pfpoker.uue 14846 Poker Game For Handhelds z pgames.uue 62863 Various Small Games, Including Missile Command z pgcpzl.uue 29221 Sliding Tile Game z phoenix.uue 8584 Arcade Game, Similar To Galaxians (Very Good) z phoenix2.uue 9165 Arcade Game, Ver 2, Similar To Galaxians (Very Good) z poker.uue 4252 Poker Game z portman.uue 11958 Pac man for the Portfolio (Full Graphics) z ppuzzl.uue 5931 Sliding Tiles Game z ptris12.uue 8036 Portfolio Tetris Version 1.2 z pttt.uue 5543 Tic-Tac-Toe Game z quarto.uue 6385 Tetris Style Game z sgp.uue 8258 Starglider Game For Portfolio z simon.uue 5984 Simple Simon Game z sokobn.uue 56997 Sokoban Maze Game z sol.uue 2348 The Peg Game Of Solitaire z solitr.uue 5389 Casino Style Klondike z sp_men.uue 36017 Portfolio Empire Game (Language Unknown) z spin.uue 5639 Logic Game z startrek.uue 15663 An Old Classic, Beam Me Up Scotty z story.uue 9802 Text Adventure Game z strek.uue 7996 Star Trek, Requires PBRUN z tahoe5.uue 11423 Poker Game For Handhelds z tehtra.uue 14421 Another Tetris Clone z tetrad.uue 15681 Horizontal Tetris z tetris.uue 11369 Tetris With Sound And Graphics z trek.uue 14489 The Old Classic, Star Trek z tron.uue 4101 Light Cycles Game (From The Film) z ttt.uue 5542 Tic Tac Toe, By BJ Gleason z twist2.uue 13611 Pontoon/21's Game z walls.uue 9794 Maze Style Game z wumpus.uue 12453 Hunt The Wumpus Game z yago.uue 6487 Pocket Othello z zeros.uue 34136 Game Of Logic Of 3x3 Grid Total Number Of Files In Area: 71 Graphics Programs/Utilities ---------------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z cgashow.uue 15652 Views .PGF and .PGC Files On CGA Screens z flixrt.uue 13081 Make Stand Alone .PGX Animations z grab2pgf.uue 2953 Graphics Screen Grabber z mkpgx10.uue 4262 Make .PGX Files Version 1.0 z mkpgx11.uue 4790 Make .PGX Files Version 1.1 z mkpgx12.uue 5676 Make .PGX Files Version 1.2 z pasketch.uue 7479 Port-A-Sketch Drawing Program z pcshow10.uue 1795 View .PGC Files On A PC z pg-show.uue 5634 Allows You To View .PGC On Your PF z pgc2pcx.uue 10606 Conver .PGC Files To .PCX z pgchek.uue 13783 Check The Consistancy Of .PGC Files z pgcmp1.uue 11493 Portfolio Graphic Compressor z pgconv.uue 13969 Convert .PGx Files To Other Formats z pgcvie.uue 61139 View .PGC Files Under Windows 3.x z pgflix.uue 2673 Allows You To View .PGX Animation On Your PF z pgflix11.uue 3383 Portfolio .PGX File Viewer (Version 1.1) z pgl.uue 7522 Portfolio .PGC Graphics Viewer z pgp.uue 13508 Print .PGC And .PGF Files To Epson Printers z pgshow10.uue 9025 PGSHOW Graphics Viewer (Version 1.0) z pgshow11.uue 4783 PGSHOW Graphics Viewer (Version 1.1) z pgshow20.uue 5995 PGSHOW Graphics Viewer (Version 2.0) z pgshow21.uue 6069 PGSHOW Graphics Viewer (Version 2.1) z portcapt.uue 7779 Portfolio Screen Capture Program z rle.uue 19898 .RLE File Viewer For The Portfolio z spaint.uue 22625 Painting Program For The Portfolio z view.uue 71541 View .PGx Files On A PC Total Number Of Files In Area: 26 HOO Utility Files ------------------ Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z addadr.uue 8005 Add An Address Into Your Document z addascii.uue 6979 Add An ASCII Character Into Your Document z count.uue 6178 Word Counter For Text Editor z crypt.uue 2850 Encryption Routines For Text Editor z dial2.uue 12956 Dial Telephone Number In Address Book z edir.uue 1969 Editor Directory Lister z macros.uue 7389 Macro Maker For Text Editor z prhook.uue 13415 Embeded Printer Codes In Text Files z timeda.uue 7959 Inserts The Time And Date Into Your Document Total Number Of Files In Area: 9 Images Of Various Portfolio Stuff --------------------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== u bild01.uue 53083 JPG Of PCMCIA Interface That Is Under Development u bild02.uue 56957 JPG Of PCMCIA Interface Attached To Portfolio u bild03.uue 41865 JPG Of The ATARI Memory Expander Plus u bild04.uue 66327 JPG Of ATARI 64K Memory Card u bild05.uue 66381 JPG Of ATARI 64K Memory Card u bild07.uue 86451 JPG Of AC Power Supply and Car Cigarette Adapter u bild08.uue 51447 JPG Of Portfolio Diet Kit u bild09.uue 69207 JPG Of Memory Card Batteries u bild10.uue 87453 JPG Of Portfolio Screen Ribbon Cable and Board u bild11.uue 80533 JPG Of Portfolio Display Ribbon Cables u bild12.uue 94955 JPG Of DIY 384K Ram Card u bild15.uue 67311 JPG Of Completed 384K Card Board u bild19.uue 102919 JPG Of Portfolio Internal Boards (Side 1) u bild20.uue 93409 JPG Of Portfolio Internal Boards (Side 1) u bild21.uue 85331 JPG Image Of Portfolio Internal Boards (Side 2) u bild22.uue 59419 JPG Image Of Leather Carrying Case u bild25.uue 66881 JPG Of Parallel Interface u bild26.uue 71465 JPG Of PortWalk Cassette Interface u bild30.uue 51901 JPG Of Atari Serial Interface u bild34.uue 73131 JPG Of Portfolio 1.44 Mbyte Floppy Drive u bild36.uue 77895 JPG Of Portfolio Floppy Drive Attached To Portfolio u bild39.uue 54175 JPG Of Backlight Kit u bild41.uue 25965 JPG Of Portfolio Backlight Strips u bild42.uue 43387 JPG Of Backlight Kit u bild43.uue 53335 JPG Showing Positions Of Screw In Screen u bild44.uue 68781 JPG Of PC Card Drive u bild46.uue 69857 JPG Of Various German Books u bild47.uue 71993 JPG Of Various Portfolio Upgrades u bild48.uue 74891 JPG Of Various Portfolio Upgrades u bild49.uue 55133 JPG Of A Portfolio u memcrd.uue 132687 JPG Closeup of 384K RAM Card z pficon.uue 1645 Various Portfolio ICONS For Windows u pfrs232.uue 19700 JPG Of Combined RS-232 and Parallel Port z port-ico.uue 505 Portfolio ICON For Windows z prtbmp.uue 35405 Bitmap Picture Of PF With Parallel Interface Total Number Of Files In Area: 35 Programming Languages --------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z a86v322.uue 247492 A86 Assembler Version 3.22 z a86v372.uue 235438 A86 Assembler Version 3.72 z bbcbas.uue 46027 BBC Basic Emulator z bob.uue 54664 C Like Language Interpreter (Includes Source Code) z bxd26.uue 33830 Brand X Symbolic Debugger Version 2.6 z fix0d.uue 1652 Software Fix For Known Graphics Bug z gofol.uue 95564 Unknown Language Version 1.0 z gwp.uue 29372 GWBASIC Patch Routine For Portfolio z lial1.uue 118968 Large Integer Interface Language z min4th.uue 19319 Mini Forth z pb5.uue 53288 PBasic Version 5 z pbas-21.uue 58768 PBasic Version 2.1 z pbas-30.uue 82022 PBasic Version 3.0 z pbas-45.uue 218740 PBasic Version 4.5 z pbas-491.uue 305103 PBasic Version 4.91 z pbasic.uue 226047 Pbasic Version 5.0, By BJ Gleason z pbe-13.uue 32689 PBasic Program Editor (Version 1.3) z pl1.uue 29760 PL/1 Version 1.0 z pl1v15.uue 52063 PL/1 Version 1.5 z pl1v16.uue 55539 PL/1 Version 1.6 z pl1v17.uue 56341 PL/1 Version 1.7 z pl1v18.uue 57283 PL/1 Version 1.8 z powed.uue 44134 PowerBasic Editor Version 1.0 z qa.uue 30061 Simple Expert System Interpretor z r86.uue 42928 8086 'Re-assembler' Version 1.0 z sci-13.uue 138495 Small C Interpreter z tbasic.uue 38869 TinyBASIC Interpreter, Includes Source (Version 1.1) z test0d.uue 1769 Tests Portfolio For Known Graphics Bug z tipiv1.uue 65133 Small Structered Language For MS-DOS (Version 1) z uniforth.uue 110307 Uniforth, Forth Implementation For Portfolio z vtlisp.uue 23753 Very Tiny LISP Interpreter z zbas-302.uue 35717 ZBasic Demo (version 3.02) z zbas-402.uue 69739 ZBasic Demo (version 4.02) Total Number Of Files In Area: 33 Portfolio News/User Texts -------------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== pf1.txt 4783 Issue 1 Of Portfolio News - April 7th 1995 pf2.txt 5119 Issue 2 Of Portfolio News - May 15th 1995 pf3.txt 37778 Issue 3 Of Portfolio News - June 20th 1995 pf4.txt 17341 Issue 4 Of Portfolio News - July 27th 1995 pf5.txt 52605 Issue 5 Of Portfolio News - September 4 1995 pf6.txt 21525 Issue 6 Of Portfolio User - October 1995 pf7.txt 33183 Issue 7 Of Portfolio User - December 1995 pf8.txt 66003 Issue 8 Of Portfolio User - Febuary 1996 pf9.txt 44845 Issue 9 Of Portfolio User - May 1996 Total Number Of Files In Area: 9 PC Demonstration Programs -------------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z apb.uue 796658 Atari Accessories Peripheral Buliten Vol 2 z pdemo.uue 409186 Rolling Demo About The Portfolio Total Number Of Files In Area: 2 Portfolio Demonstration Files ------------------------------ Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z animat.uue 21017 Four .PGX Aniamtions z autos.uue 9662 Various Motor Car Emblems z b-icon.uue 1631 Bouncing Faces Demo (Very Good) z bday.uue 4465 Flashing Happy Birthday Message z clockw.uue 26407 Simple Graphics Demonstration For Portfolio z demo.uue 6969 Simple Portfolio Demo z design.uue 10787 Kaleadoscope Style Demo Program z f1-demo.uue 20684 Demo Of Forthcoming Racing Car Game z horn.uue 2717 Plays The Sailors Hornpike Tune z icon.uue 3329 Demo Of Possible Icons For Portfolio z lips.uue 9963 Animation Of Someone Licking Their Lips z marathon.uue 13723 Demo Announcing The Launch Of The PF Marathon z pdemo.uue 8012 Demo Of Portfolio Capabilities z pf-demo.uue 8804 Demo Of Portfolio Capabilities z pf60bt10.uue 14555 Demo Of 60x10 Character Display Font z pin.uue 558 ATM Machine Cracking Program Used In T2 z port3d.uue 17425 Spinning 3D Cube Demo z port_art.uue 15803 Spinning Line Demo z secure.uue 5847 Security Breach Demo z stonehng.uue 16113 Picture Of Stone Henge With Moving Sky z vanoce.uue 30003 Play Various Christmas Carols z wator.uue 19644 Sharks And Fish Fight (Includes Pascal Source) z wtrvl.uue 14668 Spinning World Demo z xxx.uue 5142 Graphics Demo z yankee.uue 13863 Sing Along With Yankee-Doodle-Dandee Total Number Of Files In Area: 25 PGC Image Files ---------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== u 5thcat.uue 2145 Fifth Generation Systems Logo u a_notes.uue 1410 Audio Notes Logo u acura.uue 1644 Acura Logo u artisan.uue 1972 Artisan Software Logo u atco.uue 807 Atco Logo u atlantic.uue 1403 Atlantic Logo u audi.uue 353 Audi Car Logo u b.uue 912 Fancy Letter B u banzai.uue 2499 Banzai Institue Logo u bat.uue 690 Picture Of A Bat u bell.uue 1613 Bell Logo u bishop.uue 1441 Bishop Logo u bmw.uue 318 BMW Car Logo u bofa.uue 1085 Bank Of America Logo u bomb.uue 505 Picture Of A Bomb u books.uue 832 Books On A Library Shelf u brlnd.uue 1262 Borland Logo u bud.uue 1322 Budweiser Logo u bud_dry.uue 1418 Budweiser Dry Logo u bud_lght.uue 1523 Budweiser Light Logo u buffalo.uue 690 Picture Of A Buffalo u camera.uue 565 Picture Of A Camera z candle.uue 595 Picture Of A Candle u cartsp.uue 1711 Various Icons u casa.uue 2217 Picture Of A House u casio.uue 1354 Casio Logo u cat.uue 558 Picture Of A Cats Head u caution.uue 802 Caution Barrier u charisma.uue 531 Charisma Logo u cis.uue 1790 Compuserve Logo u clown.uue 912 Clowns Smiling Head z cocacola.uue 1089 Coca-Cola Logo u coffee.uue 743 Picture Of A Coffee Pot And Mug u cooking.uue 954 Cooking Utensil Set u cortina.uue 1430 Picture Of A House u deskto.uue 1441 Picture Of Mac Desktop z dinosaur.uue 691 Picture Of A Dinosaur u disney1.uue 1826 Picture Of Walt Disney u disney2.uue 2042 Picture Of Walt Disney With Disneyland Logo u disney3.uue 1646 Walt Disneys Magic Kingdom Logo u dna.uue 694 DNA The Key To Life u dog.uue 778 Picture Of Blood Hound u dragon.uue 2231 Picture Of Oriental Dragon u dutchboy.uue 2147 Dutch Boy Logo u eastwest.uue 819 East West Logo u electric.uue 1823 Example Of Electric Style Font u elektra.uue 632 Elektra Logo u emerald.uue 2376 Picture Of A House u ferrari.uue 396 Ferrari Car Logo u filecab.uue 848 Picture Of A Filing Cabinet u fish.uue 331 Picture Of A Fish u fish2.uue 460 Picture Of Another Fish u flag.uue 853 American Flag u fontsp.uue 1831 Sample Fonts u foothill.uue 1439 Foothill College Logo u fuji.uue 1935 Atari Computers Logo u fujitsu.uue 1194 Fujitsu Logo u giant.uue 1036 Giant Logo u gorby.uue 882 Picture OF Gorbachef (Let me know spelling !?) u gostbust.uue 741 Ghostbuster Logo z hampton.uue 2224 Picture Of A House u hands.uue 618 Picture Of A Pair Of Hands u handwrit.uue 1265 Example Of Handwriting Style Font u hbo.uue 2008 HBO Logo u hers.uue 2155 Herschensohn For Senate Logo u hh.uue 1789 Happy Holidays Picture u hol_inn.uue 1526 Holiday Inn Logo u homes.uue 792 Portfolio Of Homes Logo u honda.uue 312 Honda Car Logo u humming.uue 434 Picture Of A Humming Bird u iraq1.uue 1396 Guld War Image u jaguar.uue 293 Jaguar Car Logo u lambo.uue 560 Lambourgini Car Logo u letter.uue 759 Letter And Envelope z lite.uue 605 Picture Of A Light Bulb u loglady.uue 1744 Example Of Log Lady Font u lotus.uue 584 Lotus Car Log u martinq.uue 2380 Picture Of A House u mercedes.uue 509 Mercedes Benz Car Logo u mg.uue 449 MG Car Logo u mickey.uue 1441 Mickey Mouse And Disney Logo u microsft.uue 1597 Microsoft Logo u mobil.uue 2610 Mobil Oil Logo u naked1.uue 2743 Picture Of Naked Woman u nitesky.uue 1042 Night Sky Through Arched Window u parrot.uue 537 Picture OF A Parrot u pc_mag.uue 1901 PC Magazine Logo u pcwrld.uue 1615 PC World Logo u point.uue 846 Finger Pointing u porsche.uue 628 Porsche Car Logo u portf.uue 1812 Portfolio Logo u pperip.uue 1793 Practical Peripherals Logo u prc.uue 2324 PRC Logo u recycl.uue 1701 Recycle Logo u reprise.uue 1042 Reprise Logo u revlon.uue 1971 Revlon Logo u robotech.uue 1617 Robotech Logo u rose.uue 811 Picture Of A Rose u rosebud.uue 592 Rose Bud With I Love You Message u rover.uue 394 Rover Car Logo u s_etc.uue 1354 Software Etc ... Logo u saab.uue 497 Saab Car Logo u sears.uue 2144 Sears Logo u shark.uue 390 Picture Of A Shark u shirt_up.uue 2853 Picture Of Woman Lifting Up Her Top u sits1.uue 1722 Woman Sitting Down u sjsu.uue 2497 SJSU Logo u spiral.uue 681 Spiral Image u sterling.uue 717 Peugeot Car Logo u t2.uue 1437 Terminator Two Logo u target.uue 2145 Target Logo u telefone.uue 737 Picture Of A Telephone u toyota.uue 1591 Toyota Logo u triumph.uue 592 Triumph Car Logo u typewrit.uue 1027 Example Of Typewriter Font u usa.uue 790 Picture Of Usa u virgin.uue 665 Virgin Logo u w_bros.uue 839 Warner Brothers Logo u warner.uue 957 Warner Pictures Logo u wea.uue 2314 WEA Logo u wp.uue 1967 Word Perfect Logo Total Number Of Files In Area: 121 PGF Image Files ---------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== u adrian.uue 2673 Some Bodies Face u beethven.uue 2675 Picture Of Beethovan u butler.uue 2673 Picture Of A Butler u girl.uue 2671 Girls Face u girl2.uue 2672 Girls Face u squirrel.uue 2675 Picture Of A Chipmunk Total Number Of Files In Area: 6 Programming Utilities ---------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z asmdisk.uue 11268 Routines In Assembler To Work With Dirs And Files z batutils.uue 6643 Small Batch File Utilities (Inc ASM Source) z bitmap.uue 33379 Bitmap Manipulation Routines (Assembler) z debugovr.uue 17237 An Overview On Using Debug z gamesrc.uue 212574 Sample Games Programs Written in C z gtools.uue 46441 Graphics Development Tools z icons.uue 111184 Sample Icons For Use In Programs z int60.uue 3036 Int 60 Specification z int60h.uue 5909 Interrupt 60 Specification z int61h.uue 6567 Interrupt 61 Specification z joystick.uue 11173 Details About Programming And Connecting A Joystick z pblib.uue 6846 Power Basic Portfolio Library z pgcuni.uue 4479 Turbo Pascal 6.0 Unit For Graphics Functions z pglib.uue 18900 Portfolio Graphics Library Version 1.0 z pgraph.uue 7473 Turbo Pascal Graphics Routines z pix.uue 5804 Sample Graphics Routines Written In C z pmon.uue 7739 Portfolio Monitor And Debugger Tools z pstuff.uue 38609 Turbo Pascal 7.0 Unit For Fast Graphics z romlist.uue 227280 Complete Listing Of BIOS V1.052 ROM z sdb.uue 120896 Symbolic Debugger z t5pas.uue 24542 Various Games In Turbo Pascal 5 z tpas5-5.uue 10574 Turbo Pascal 5.5 Portfolio Unit Total Number Of Files In Area: 22 Scientific Tools ----------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z bcl13.uue 60482 A Small Floating Point Calculator/Compiler z function.uue 14985 Function Analysis Software z math.uue 50441 Various Basic Programs To Calculate Maths Functions z pbits.uue 11270 Portfolio Base Converter z rpn.uue 67266 A Simulation Of A HP Scientific Calculator z rpncalc.uue 45306 A Reverse Polish Notation Calculator z sci.uue 59210 Scientific Equation Solver z stat.uue 18543 Statistical Analysis z trig.uue 12865 Returns Trigonomic Values Of Specified Angle z unitio.uue 18681 Unit Conversion Program z upn11s.uue 30713 Reverse Polish Notation Calc (V1.1) z upn2.uue 70239 Reverse Polish Notation Calc By Wolfgang Fuhrer (V2) Total Number Of Files In Area: 12 Sound Based Programs --------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z aaaahh.uue 9513 Here Your Portfolio Scream z lalala.uue 9613 Here You Portfolio Sing z makesnd.uue 17988 Play Sound Files On Your Portfolio z manic.uue 576 Plays The Manin Miner Theme Tune (V Good) z psound.uue 19095 Play Sound Files On Your Portfolio z ptone.uue 8756 Portfolio Tone Generator (Plays Musical Notes) z ramparts.uue 2923 Play Various Tunes From The Ramparts Game z voice.uue 11018 Someone's trapped in you Portfolio Total Number Of Files In Area: 8 Text Files ---------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== any-idx1.txt 53944 Any-Port-In-A-Storm File List Part I any-idx2.txt 51000 Any-Port-In-A-Storm File List Part II any-idx3.txt 43239 Any-Port-In-A-Storm File List Part III apbtip.txt 10233 Portfolio Hints and Tips From Atari APB Vol 2 No 1 appbatch.doc 3549 Speeding Up Key Entry On Portfolio batter.txt 8530 Details About Battery Usage On The Portfolio beck.txt 28117 Becker And Partner Brochures (1991 and 1992) cable.txt 1285 Details On Making A Parallel File Transfer Cable card.thr 1450 Details About The Construction Of CCM's cboot.thr 3721 How To Cold Boot A Portfolio complm.txt 5041 A Palmtop Users Details Of Various Machines devinf.txt 6572 Details About The Old Portfolio Developers Program diconi 841 Cabling Details For A Diconix-150 Serial Printer doshelp.txt 3363 Portfolio MS-DOS Command List dskfol.txt 2523 Details About Disk-Folio expand.txt 14501 Memory Expansion Details By Don Thomas, Atari Corp fakedb.txt 11431 Setting Up A 'Fake' Database On The Portfolio fire.txt 1745 Letter About How Much A User Likes His Portfolio flrmcd.txt 1496 Product Announcement: 1, 2, 4 Flash Cards fmap10.doc 2564 Update Information FMAP Cards foribm.txt 6370 Using The HP-9114 Disk Drive With The Portfolio ftcabl.txt 580 Details Of Parallel File Transfer Cable Pinouts homewk.txt 1195 Example On Using Builtin Lotus For Chemistry Calcs. hth.txt 5440 Details Of Portfolio From A User kbrass.txt 7736 Reassigning Keystrokes On The Portfolio lcd.txt 4615 Details About The Portfolios LCD Controller lists.txt 2964 Using The Portfolio To Maintain Lists macft.txt 4778 Mac To Portfolio File Transfer macport.txt 27989 Information For MAC Users mains.txt 530 Alternative Mains Adapter maps.txt 1680 Getting Wheather Maps 4236 Details About New RAM Cards michca.txt 2010 A Users Use For A Portfolio mtfile.txt 1812 How To Open An Old File With The Portfolio Loading newcrd.txt 2378 Update On Low-Cost German Ram Cards newport.doc 11661 Details Of The Origional Portfolio Products openup.txt 3426 How To Open Up Your Portfolio Including The LCD p2st.thr 4366 Serial Cable Details For Connecting Atari-ST pager.txt 4078 Details Of Pager Software For Portfolio pb01.txt 12216 Programming In PBASIC pb02.txt 12014 PBASIC V PowerBASIC pbcmds.txt 3051 List Of PBasic Commands pbibli.txt 1469 Atari Portfolio Bibliography pclap.txt 4956 Short Question/Answer List For The Portfolio pf.txt 1098 Corrections To Portfolio Serial Adapter Manual pf8bit.txt 4485 Connecting Your Atari 8 Bit To The Portfolio pfterm.txt 7935 Transfer To Your Portfolio Using Only Serial Comms pgcspec.txt 6175 Specification Of .PGC Files pgxspec.txt 6708 Layout Of PGX Files plmtop.txt 49108 Five Palmtops Are Tested And Compared poqet.txt 5421 Comparision Of A Portfolio To A Poqet PC port.txt 53028 Portfolio FAQ (Feb 26, 1992) port.use 3492 Using The Portfolio As A Field Computer portadd0.txt 9660 Portable Addiction Magazine (April 15) portadd1.txt 14760 Portable Addiction Magazine (May 15) portadd2.txt 21163 Portable Addiction Magazine (Jul 15) portf.des 4492 'Un-official' Description Of The Portfolio portnews.txt 15644 Various Uses For A Portfolio portroad.txt 1494 About Using The Portfolio On The Road porty2.txt 23785 Details Of What Was Going To Be Portfolio II ?? power4.txt 14756 Details Of Various Ways Of Powering The Portfolio pppmdm.txt 2153 A Users Experience Of The PP Pocket Modem pr0791.txt 7040 Portfolio Users Update By B.J. Gleason prtfti.txt 2039 Portfolio Tips By Tony Thomas prtftips.txt 2063 Portfolio Tips purbo.txt 2397 Modifing Turbo Pascal 3.01 To Work On The Portfolio ramcard.txt 9130 A Users Review Of The RAM Cards Made By Stefan K. spft.txt 12752 Tips And Bugs In DIP-OS st2por.txt 12082 Making The Atari-ST And Portfolio Talk Together stfoli.asc 837 Details Of Cable For Linking A Portfolio To Atari ST touch3.txt 17728 How To Touch Type On Your Portfolio upgrad.txt 2348 Details Of Internal Memory Upgrade (Out Of Date) utils.txt 1427 List Of Utilities On DOS UTILS Card Total Number Of Files In Area: 73 Unknow Programs - If any one knows please email me -------------------------------------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z bi2dec.uue 4645 Unknown z ce-126.uue 11291 Unknown z dart87.uue 39113 Unknown z dbfread.uue 10986 Unknown z diagra.uue 37761 Unknown z fm.uue 7861 Unknown z get_put.uue 1376 Unknown z ohm.uue 5522 Unknown z pfcijf.uue 23079 Unknown Total Number Of Files In Area: 9 Portfolio ROM Fixes (UPDATE.COM) --------------------------------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z upd-104.uue 1876 Update Version 1.04 z upd-107.uue 2934 Update Version 1.07 Total Number Of Files In Area: 2 Utilities ---------- Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z 12-util.uue 3390 12 Short Utilities For The Portfolio z 2col.uue 18291 Print Documents Side By Side On A4 z 40cols.uue 5607 View Files On Screen In 40x8 Mode z 80cols.uue 6645 View 80 Column Files On A 'Sliding' Screen z abcbat.uue 4017 One Key Application Loader (Uses Batch Files) z acdpw2.uue 7369 Simple Password Protection (Includes Source) z addres.uue 8121 View .ADR Files On A PC z adr2cd.uue 3037 Convert .ADR Files To Comma Seperated Files z alarm.uue 3730 Change The Sound Of The Diary Alarm z almboost.uue 3953 Boost The Volume On The Portfolio Alarm (Version 2) z altr.uue 559 Load PBasic Editor By Pressing ALT-R z ansi.uue 6053 ANSI.SYS Replacement z ascii.uue 6000 ASCII Character Table z asktoday.uue 3741 Ask Questions In Batch Files z attr.uue 2803 Allows You To Change A Files Attributes z banner.uue 9489 Produce Large Banners On Screen z bat2exe1.uue 47001 Batch File Compiler z batch.uue 4404 Batch File 'Macros' z battst.uue 8881 Battery Test Program z bclock.uue 12349 Large Screen Clock z bestform.uue 6577 Reduces Cluster Size On 128K RAM Cards z big.uue 24962 Use Your PC's Screen And Keyboard On The PF z bigban.uue 6703 Produce Big Banners On The Portfolio z bm2.uue 5366 Battery Change Reminder z cal.uue 6734 Display A Calendar For Any Month/Year z calport2.uue 51069 Convert WordPerfect Calendars To .DRY Files z cardcopy.uue 8383 Copy ROM/RAM Cards z cas.uue 1368 All Graphics Digital Clock z chime.uue 2884 Tells Time As A Series Of Beeps z cldbt.uue 2320 Forces Cold-Boot Of Portfolio z clock.uue 9530 Analogue Clock Using Graphics z clock_1.uue 6482 Full Screen Clock z cmp04.uue 6826 File Comparer z contro.uue 7765 Password Protection For Your Portfolio z crdtoadr.uue 20511 Convert Windows .CRD (Card File) Files .ADR z crstrip.uue 9730 Strip CR Off End Of Text Files z csvcvr.uue 12225 Convert .ADR Files To Comma Seperated Format z cview.uue 13304 View Files Created By CYRIL On The PF z datetime.uue 1555 Prints Out The Date And Time In Full z dbshow.uue 25701 View dBase III Files On The Portfolio z des10.uue 14874 Data Encryption Program z dial.uue 2617 Dialing Utilities z dialer.uue 263 Tone Dialer For Portfolio z did.uue 620 Dial It Dud Tone Dialer z digdec.uue 11317 Mind Reading Program Using Batch Files z dipmat.uue 7555 Display Country Of Origion For A Diplomatic Plate z disk8.uue 528 Disk Fix Program For Chess z disptm.uue 785 Displays The Time On Screen (Requires PBRUN) z distnc.uue 13863 Calculate Distance Between Two Points On Earth z dosedit.uue 5712 Remebers Previously Typed Commands z dosmap.uue 10373 Memeory Map Program z dryact.uue 6865 Convert .DRY Files In ACT Appointment Files z dryprg.uue 22973 Diary Purging Program z drysk.uue 5404 Convert .DRY Files To Sidekick Files z dsprnt.uue 32831 Double Sided Printing Utility (Version 1.1) z dvorak.uue 2145 Convert The QWERTY Keyboard To DVORAK Layout z fdquik.uue 359 Quick FDisk Command Sets C: To 8 or 64K z fndadr.uue 4823 Search .ADR Files z foliob.uue 18545 Incremental Backup Utility z folioq.uue 25423 Quick Load PF Applications z fonio.uue 2908 Tone Dialer z grclock.uue 1636 Digital Clock z gumdsk.uue 10081 Create A Removable RAM Disk z hex.uue 1438 Hex File Dumper z hitmkr.uue 37609 Music Production Tool z input.uue 3028 Batch File Utility Allows User Interaction z intl.uue 3555 International Dialling Code Database (Needs DBSHOW) z launch.uue 8613 Application Launcher z lock.uue 2527 Encrypt/Decrypt A File z mac.uue 13298 Keyboard Macros Made Easy (Inc ANSI.SYS) z maksnd.uue 19991 Make Self Executing Sound Files For PF z mcmap.uue 1970 Visual Memory Card Mapper z medit.uue 2936 High Speed Memory Editor z menu.uue 11661 Menu System For Use In Batch Files (Inc Source) z morse.uue 3242 Convert A File Into Morse Signals z namnum.uue 1263 Phone Named Numbers, EG 1-800-PORTFO z navaid.uue 12317 Navigational Aid Program z noclic.uue 219 Switches Key Click Off z noclick.uue 206 Disables Key Clip z page.uue 2113 Page Printing Formatter z parser.uue 50161 Convert ASCII To Lotus 123 Files z password.uue 2085 Password Protection Program z pbat.uue 1451 Informs Batch Files If Running On Port z pbktools.uue 73495 Portfolio Tools Version 5.0 (Language Unknown) z pclick11.uue 1641 Switches Portfolio Key Click On And Off z pclok.uue 4924 Display Time In Top Left Hand Corner Of Screen z pcpass12.uue 64097 PC Password Protector Version 1.2 z pdd1.uue 17877 Access Files On The Tandy PDD1 (Portable Disk Drive) z pdd2.uue 19317 Access Files On The Tandy PDD2 (Portable Disk Drive) z pdd210.uue 36773 Tandy Portable Disk Drive 2 Utility (Version 2.1) z pdsw.uue 6603 Print Sideways On An Epson Compatible Printer z pdump.uue 11666 Portfolio File Viewer/HEX Dump z pfbackup.uue 3411 Automate Backup Procedures For Portfolio z pfdial.uue 11317 Portfolio Dialing Queue Manager z pgcap.uue 1490 Screen Capture For The Portfolio z phone.uue 254 Simple Tone Dialler z port2w.uue 3711 Joins Lines In A Text File z pread1.uue 12043 Make PBOOKS Out Of Any Text File z prompt.uue 10539 Various ANSI Graphics Screens z prtami.uue 5117 Access Portcard .ADR Files From AMI PRO z pshell.uue 4261 Portfolio Shell Environment z psi.uue 3960 BIOS Reporting Program z psswrd.uue 4943 Password Protection Program z pstat.uue 3284 View Current Portfolio Settings z ptool-20.uue 29905 Portoflio Tool Kit Version 2.0 z pview.uue 722 Graphical Representation Of Printed File z quick.uue 10050 Port-A-Quicken Cheque Manager For Portfolio z quiet.uue 226 Switches All Sound Off On Portfolio z qy.uue 697 Verbal Approximation Of The Time z rg.uue 6725 Sort A File, Encrypt A File, Get Input From User z sdl.uue 4472 Sorted Directory Lister z see.uue 6696 View Strings Within Object And Non-Text Files z sf.uue 2525 Simple File Viewer z show.uue 30831 BIOS Lister z sleek.uue 15522 File Formater/Word Wrapper z snatch.uue 19649 Screen Capture For PC, Turns Them Into .PGF File z srchname.uue 13989 Search .ADR Files Quickly (Include Source) z stayon.uue 383 Forces The Portfolio To Stayon z stdate.uue 14969 Calculate Star Trek Stardates (Includes Source) z stopw.uue 8592 Simple Stopwatch z strip.uue 13300 Strip Off CR/LF From Text Files z td.uue 14341 Today-In-History Quotes z team.uue 3675 Displays The Names Of The Portfolio Developers z texcon.uue 46267 ASCII Text Converter z timezn.uue 1309 Adjust The Clock Forward/Backward xx Hours z tiny.uue 637 Set An Epson Printer To Its Smallest Font z today.uue 6888 Displays Your Diary Entries For TODAY z tone.uue 1571 Use The PF As A Tone Dialler z touch.uue 6728 Update The Creation Date And Time Of A File z tsdate.uue 1615 Add Date Checking To Batch Files z txt2wp.uue 3805 Word Perfect Formatting Tools z typist.uue 2091 Typing Tutor For The Portfolio z unera1.uue 9907 Unerase Deleted Files z vcard.uue 10666 Validate Credit Card Numbers (Includes Source) z vde-140.uue 108794 Full Screen Text Editor (Version 1.40) z vde-150.uue 113026 Full Screen Text Editor (Version 1.50) z video.uue 280 Set Any Video Mode From Command Line z wc1.uue 1522 Word Counter By Alastair Ford z wcx.uue 1760 Fast Word Counter Total Number Of Files In Area: 139 Sample Worksheets ------------------ Typ Name Size Description === ============ ======= ==================================================== z balanc.uue 2801 Keep Track Of Your Current Account z cversi.uue 2951 Metric Conversion Spreadsheet z recon.uue 10324 Allows Easy Reconsiliation Of Cheque Book z stock.uue 22628 Manage A Portfolio Of Securities z timeca.uue 5807 Time Accumulation Calculator z travel.uue 1521 Travel Expense Worksheet z ws_samp.uue 8622 Sample Worksheets (Unknown Language) Total Number Of Files In Area: 7 Total Number Of Files In Archive: 770