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Screen Shot File Name Size In Bytes Description
  any-idx1.txt 53944 Any-Port-In-A-Storm File List Part I
  any-idx2.txt 51000 Any-Port-In-A-Storm File List Part II
  any-idx3.txt 43239 Any-Port-In-A-Storm File List Part III
  apbtip.txt 10233 Portfolio Hints and Tips From Atari APB Vol 2 No 1
  appbatch.doc 3549 Speeding Up Key Entry On Portfolio
  batter.txt 8530 Details About Battery Usage On The Portfolio
  beck.txt 28117 Becker And Partner Brochures (1991 and 1992)
  cable.txt 1285 Details On Making A Parallel File Transfer Cable
  card.thr 1450 Details About The Construction Of CCM's
  cboot.thr 3721 How To Cold Boot A Portfolio
  complm.txt 5041 A Palmtop Users Details Of Various Machines
  devinf.txt 6572 Details About The Old Portfolio Developers Program
  diconi 841 Cabling Details For A Diconix-150 Serial Printer
  doshelp.txt 3363 Portfolio MS-DOS Command List
  dskfol.txt 2523 Details About Disk-Folio
  expand.txt 14501 Memory Expansion Details By Don Thomas, Atari Corp
  fakedb.txt 11431 Setting Up A 'Fake' Database On The Portfolio
  fire.txt 1745 Letter About How Much A User Likes His Portfolio
  flrmcd.txt 1496 Product Announcement: 1, 2, 4 Flash Cards
  fmap10.doc 2564 Update Information FMAP Cards
  foribm.txt 6370 Using The HP-9114 Disk Drive With The Portfolio
  ftcabl.txt 580 Details Of Parallel File Transfer Cable Pinouts
  homewk.txt 1195 Example On Using Builtin Lotus For Chemistry Calcs.
  hth.txt 5440 Details Of Portfolio From A User
  kbrass.txt 7736 Reassigning Keystrokes On The Portfolio
  lcd.txt 4615 Details About The Portfolios LCD Controller
  lists.txt 2964 Using The Portfolio To Maintain Lists
  macft.txt 4778 Mac To Portfolio File Transfer
  macport.txt 27989 Information For MAC Users
  mains.txt 530 Alternative Mains Adapter
  maps.txt 1680 Getting Wheather Maps 4236 Details About New RAM Cards
  michca.txt 2010 A Users Use For A Portfolio
  mtfile.txt 1812 How To Open An Old File With The Portfolio Loading
  newcrd.txt 2378 Update On Low-Cost German Ram Cards
  newport.doc 11661 Details Of The Origional Portfolio Products
  openup.txt 3426 How To Open Up Your Portfolio Including The LCD
  p2st.thr 4366 Serial Cable Details For Connecting Atari-ST
  pager.txt 4078 Details Of Pager Software For Portfolio
  pb01.txt 12216 Programming In PBASIC
  pb02.txt 12014 PBASIC V PowerBASIC
  pbcmds.txt 3051 List Of PBasic Commands
  pbibli.txt 1469 Atari Portfolio Bibliography
  pclap.txt 4956 Short Question/Answer List For The Portfolio
  pf.txt 1098 Corrections To Portfolio Serial Adapter Manual
  pf8bit.txt 4485 Connecting Your Atari 8 Bit To The Portfolio
  pfterm.txt 7935 Transfer To Your Portfolio Using Only Serial Comms
  pgcspec.txt 6175 Specification Of .PGC Files
  pgxspec.txt 6708 Layout Of PGX Files
  plmtop.txt 49108 Five Palmtops Are Tested And Compared
  poqet.txt 5421 Comparision Of A Portfolio To A Poqet PC
  port.txt 53028 Portfolio FAQ (Feb 26, 1992)
  port.use 3492 Using The Portfolio As A Field Computer
  portadd0.txt 9660 Portable Addiction Magazine (April 15)
  portadd1.txt 14760 Portable Addiction Magazine (May 15)
  portadd2.txt 21163 Portable Addiction Magazine (Jul 15)
  portf.des 4492 'Un-official' Description Of The Portfolio
  portnews.txt 15644 Various Uses For A Portfolio
  portroad.txt 1494 About Using The Portfolio On The Road
  porty2.txt 23785 Details Of What Was Going To Be Portfolio II ??
  power4.txt 14756 Details Of Various Ways Of Powering The Portfolio
  pppmdm.txt 2153 A Users Experience Of The PP Pocket Modem
  pr0791.txt 7040 Portfolio Users Update By B.J. Gleason
  prtfti.txt 2039 Portfolio Tips By Tony Thomas
  prtftips.txt 2063 Portfolio Tips
  purbo.txt 2397 Modifing Turbo Pascal 3.01 To Work On The Portfolio
  ramcard.txt 9130 A Users Review Of The RAM Cards Made By Stefan K.
  spft.txt 12752 Tips And Bugs In DIP-OS
  st2por.txt 12082 Making The Atari-ST And Portfolio Talk Together
  stfoli.asc 837 Details Of Cable For Linking A Portfolio To Atari ST
  touch3.txt 17728 How To Touch Type On Your Portfolio
  upgrad.txt 2348 Details Of Internal Memory Upgrade (Out Of Date)
  utils.txt 1427 List Of Utilities On DOS UTILS Card