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05/17/10 Something added for another hobby: HAM Radio. You can download manuals for the TRIO JR-599 and its additional features (2m Crystal Controlled Converter, CW Crystal Filter Unit). Diagrams are included and some German informational pages.
05/04/10 I've added the MZ-2200 IPL-ROM for download. I got it by a fan. Thanks a lot "pen pen" ! If you have more for me... ;-)
02/02/10 New page: Books (in work)
01/19/10 A new version of the Sharp MZ font viewer is available for download. What's new? Character magnifier, grid lines, copy font to clipboard, the font can be mirrored on the screen, ROM search for the character font, resizable screen, background color select.
01/14/10 I have added the System Program Manual for downlaod of the 1Z-018/5Z011 editor-assembler and symbolic debugger for the MZ-700 / MZ-800.
01/14/10 I have added a Sharp MZ font viewer to display the content (all characters you can see on the screen) of any SHARP MZ character ROMs. This program was written by Bernd Krueger Knauber. Thanks, Bernd! You can download the font viewer now (ZIP, 27 kb).
01/14/10 I have added a Service Manual for the MZ-5600:
01/14/10 I have added a Service Manual for the MZ-3500:
01/14/10 I have added Service Manuals for the MZ-700 / MZ-800:
01/14/10 I have added ROMS for the MZ-2500.
01/14/10 Sreenshots corrected/added for the MZ-80k CG-ROM (European and Japanese).
01/10/10 MZ-80K2E Japanese monitor ROM and CG-ROM added for download.
01/10/10 New article: CP/M support for the MZ-80k. Upgrade to 4 MHz and 80 characters. Read more...
01/08/10 The process to subscribe / unsubscribe for a newsletter for Michael Franzen's emulator did not work and is corrected now.
01/08/10 A new version (1.93h) of Michael Franzen's Multisystem Emulator is available for download.
01/08/10 A new version 0.37 of Bernd Krueger-Knauber's MZ-700 emulator is available for download. What's new? The emulator now works under Linux and all Windows by using DOSBox.
01/07/10 Some links added, some corrected for new available emulators and changed URLs. See emulators -> EmuZ...

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last updated May 17, 2010

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