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A new fine converter program is available for download: MZFStudio written by Ulrich Keller / Germany for all Windows. The documentation with screenshots will follow next at this site.

It converts WAV-files to MZF / MZT and vice versa (MZF to WAV). The supported systems are MZ-80K / MZ-80C / MZ-80A / MZ-80B / MZ-700 / MZ-800.

Download now (ZIP, 245kb)

06/04/07 The documentation for Michael Franzen's Multisystem Emulator is in progress. See the progress this time. Will be completed step by ste.
06/01/07 A new version of Michael Franzen's Multisystem Emulator is available for download.
06/01/07 The link for the MZ-80K game Lady Bug to the author's homepage has changed.
06/01/07 Some words from the author about his FL-DOS 800 added.
06/01/07 Links collection updated. Sorry, but a lot of links are dead. Let me know, if you have new links or if you have information about changed links.
06/01/07 I've added Neil Bradley's Multi-Z80 32 Bit emulator for download ( 57kb).

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last updated June 4, 2007

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