Bernd Krueger-Knauber
Bernd Krueger-Knauber/Germany

Bernd Krueger-Knauber wrote an emulator for DOS and Windows.

He was born in 1965 and he became an electronic-freak in the age of nearly 13. His first computer was a Sharp PC-1211.

Bernd was 16 years young when he could be proud to own a MZ-721.

A few modifications were done by himself (8bit D/A-converter, 8 LED's at the parallel port) until a MZ-811 followed and then he sold his MZ-721.

From the time of getting a PC he wanted to write an emulator (he didn't know the download page at this site ;)

This one is now ready and the fine result is downlodable at my site too.

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last updated April 15, 2000

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