Sascha Hoogen 

Sascha Hoogen/Germany is a great fan of all old 8-bit computers and a collector of these old machines. You'll find a list of his collection and some german words about him - written by himself - if you click here.

He was born in 1970. In the age of 13 he wrote his first programs with a Commodore C64. In 1992, an Amiga 4000 followed. His own german homepage, the "8-Bit-Nirvana", is well known and popular by all fans. All his pages are produced on his Amiga 4000 and he got many awards for his fine homepage.

I found his homepage while I was on the look-out at information about my old MZ-731. I contacted Sascha in 1998 to give him more information about the MZ-700 he was interested in.

His kindly offer to provide my homepage at his site first gave me the chance to inform you in detail about the SHARP'S MZ-700-series.

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last updated April 15, 2000

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