Takeshi Maruyama
Marukun (Takeshi Maruyama)/Tokyo
(picture from 2000)

Takeshi Maruyama (nickname: Marukun) from Tokyo wrote an MZ-700 emulator program for Windows. I'm very thankful to him for rewriting his emulator for the use at our european site. His emulator is available for download on my download page.

Marukun is a professional game programmer born May 5, 1972 in
Edogawa Ku
( Tōkyō Edogawa Ku - Edo is the old name of Tōkyō, gawa means river. The Edogawa borders this quarter in the northeast).

Marukun is the author of some game programs for game-consoles (Sega Saturn RPG, Dream Cast).

He also made game programs for WIN95. One is HAJIKI and you can download it for free. If you want to go to his japanese homepage click here.

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