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Screen Shot File Name Size In Bytes Description 2437 12 Short Utilities For The Portfolio 13255 Print Documents Side By Side On A4 4048 View Files On Screen In 40x8 Mode 4803 View 80 Column Files On A 'Sliding' Screen 2893 One Key Application Loader (Uses Batch Files) 5327 Simple Password Protection (Includes Source) 5873 View .ADR Files On A PC 2184 Convert .ADR Files To Comma Seperated Files 2686 Change The Sound Of The Diary Alarm 2846 Boost The Volume On The Portfolio Alarm (Version 2) 387 Load PBasic Editor By Pressing ALT-R 4373 ANSI.SYS Replacement 4335 ASCII Character Table 2692 Ask Questions In Batch Files 2015 Allows You To Change A Files Attributes 6866 Produce Large Banners On Screen 34090 Batch File Compiler 3176 Batch File 'Macros' 6424 Battery Test Program 8943 Large Screen Clock 4751 Reduces Cluster Size On 128K RAM Cards 18097 Use Your PC's Screen And Keyboard On The PF 4844 Produce Big Banners On The Portfolio 3876 Battery Change Reminder 4868 Display A Calendar For Any Month/Year 37044 Convert WordPerfect Calendars To .DRY Files 6063 Copy ROM/RAM Cards 973 All Graphics Digital Clock 2071 Tells Time As A Series Of Beeps 1664 Forces Cold-Boot Of Portfolio 6896 Analogue Clock Using Graphics 4683 Full Screen Clock 4933 File Comparer 5616 Password Protection For Your Portfolio 14863 Convert Windows .CRD (Card File) Files .ADR 7040 Strip CR Off End Of Text Files 8853 Convert .ADR Files To Comma Seperated Format 9635 View Files Created By CYRIL On The PF 1105 Prints Out The Date And Time In Full 18633 View dBase III Files On The Portfolio 10774 Data Encryption Program 1880 Dialing Utilities 171 Tone Dialer For Portfolio 431 Dial It Dud Tone Dialer 8192 Mind Reading Program Using Batch Files 5461 Display Country Of Origion For A Diplomatic Plate 363 Disk Fix Program For Chess 547 Displays The Time On Screen (Requires PBRUN) 10041 Calculate Distance Between Two Points On Earth 4125 Remebers Previously Typed Commands 7508 Memeory Map Program 4961 Convert .DRY Files In ACT Appointment Files 16653 Diary Purging Program 3902 Convert .DRY Files To Sidekick Files 23808 Double Sided Printing Utility (Version 1.1) 1535 Convert The QWERTY Keyboard To DVORAK Layout 240 Quick FDisk Command Sets C: To 8 or 64K 3478 Search .ADR Files 13440 Incremental Backup Utility 18432 Quick Load PF Applications 2091 Tone Dialer 1166 Digital Clock 7296 Create A Removable RAM Disk 1024 Hex File Dumper 27276 Music Production Tool 2176 Batch File Utility Allows User Interaction 2560 International Dialling Code Database (Needs DBSHOW) 6230 Application Launcher 1813 Encrypt/Decrypt A File 9633 Keyboard Macros Made Easy (Inc ANSI.SYS) 14488 Make Self Executing Sound Files For PF 1408 Visual Memory Card Mapper 2110 High Speed Memory Editor 8444 Menu System For Use In Batch Files (Inc Source) 2333 Convert A File Into Morse Signals 896 Phone Named Numbers, EG 1-800-PORTFO 8918 Navigational Aid Program 138 Switches Key Click Off 128 Disables Key Clip 1515 Page Printing Formatter 36385 Convert ASCII To Lotus 123 Files 1489 Password Protection Program 1033 Informs Batch Files If Running On Port 53322 Portfolio Tools Version 5.0 (Language Unknown) 1168 Switches Portfolio Key Click On And Off 3555 Display Time In Top Left Hand Corner Of Screen 46498 PC Password Protector Version 1.2 12955 Access Files On The Tandy PDD1 (Portable Disk Drive) 14000 Access Files On The Tandy PDD2 (Portable Disk Drive) 26668 Tandy Portable Disk Drive 2 Utility (Version 2.1) 4773 Print Sideways On An Epson Compatible Printer 8448 Portfolio File Viewer/HEX Dump 2453 Automate Backup Procedures For Portfolio 8192 Portfolio Dialing Queue Manager 1061 Screen Capture For The Portfolio 163 Simple Tone Dialler 2672 Joins Lines In A Text File 8721 Make PBOOKS Out Of Any Text File 7629 Various ANSI Graphics Screens 3692 Access Portcard .ADR Files From AMI PRO 3072 Portfolio Shell Environment 2854 BIOS Reporting Program 3566 Password Protection Program 2362 View Current Portfolio Settings 21684 Portoflio Tool Kit Version 2.0 504 Graphical Representation Of Printed File 7273 Port-A-Quicken Cheque Manager For Portfolio 142 Switches All Sound Off On Portfolio 489 Verbal Approximation Of The Time 4863 Sort A File, Encrypt A File, Get Input From User 3226 Sorted Directory Lister 4840 View Strings Within Object And Non-Text Files 1815 Simple File Viewer 22359 BIOS Lister 11246 File Formater/Word Wrapper 14240 Screen Capture For PC, Turns Them Into .PGF File 10129 Search .ADR Files Quickly (Include Source) 258 Forces The Portfolio To Stayon 10845 Calculate Star Trek Stardates (Includes Source) 6215 Simple Stopwatch 9633 Strip Off CR/LF From Text Files 10391 Today-In-History Quotes 2648 Displays The Names Of The Portfolio Developers 33559 ASCII Text Converter 930 Adjust The Clock Forward/Backward xx Hours 444 Set An Epson Printer To Its Smallest Font 4980 Displays Your Diary Entries For TODAY 1121 Use The PF As A Tone Dialler 4863 Update The Creation Date And Time Of A File 1150 Add Date Checking To Batch Files 2740 Word Perfect Formatting Tools 1497 Typing Tutor For The Portfolio 7168 Unerase Deleted Files 7720 Validate Credit Card Numbers (Includes Source) 78940 Full Screen Text Editor (Version 1.40) 82013 Full Screen Text Editor (Version 1.50) 182 Set Any Video Mode From Command Line 1085 Word Counter By Alastair Ford 1260 Fast Word Counter