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Images Of Various Portfolio Stuff

Screen Shot File Name Size In Bytes Description
  bild01.jpg 38507 JPG Of PCMCIA Interface That Is Under Development
  bild02.jpg 41319 JPG Of PCMCIA Interface Attached To Portfolio
  bild03.jpg 30364 JPG Of The ATARI Memory Expander Plus
  bild04.jpg 48119 JPG Of ATARI 64K Memory Card
  bild05.jpg 48159 JPG Of ATARI 64K Memory Card
  bild07.jpg 62726 JPG Of AC Power Supply and Car Cigarette Adapter
  bild08.jpg 37320 JPG Of Portfolio Diet Kit
  bild09.jpg 50210 JPG Of Memory Card Batteries
  bild10.jpg 63453 JPG Of Portfolio Screen Ribbon Cable and Board
  bild11.jpg 58429 JPG Of Portfolio Display Ribbon Cables
  bild12.jpg 68898 JPG Of DIY 384K Ram Card
  bild15.jpg 48833 JPG Of Completed 384K Card Board
  bild19.jpg 74678 JPG Of Portfolio Internal Boards (Side 1)
  bild20.jpg 67775 JPG Of Portfolio Internal Boards (Side 1)
  bild21.jpg 61913 JPG Image Of Portfolio Internal Boards (Side 2)
  bild22.jpg 43107 JPG Image Of Leather Carrying Case
  bild25.jpg 48522 JPG Of Parallel Interface
  bild26.jpg 51849 JPG Of PortWalk Cassette Interface
  bild30.jpg 37649 JPG Of Atari Serial Interface
  bild34.jpg 53057 JPG Of Portfolio 1.44 Mbyte Floppy Drive
  bild36.jpg 56517 JPG Of Portfolio Floppy Drive Attached To Portfolio
  bild39.jpg 39299 JPG Of Backlight Kit
  bild41.jpg 18824 JPG Of Portfolio Backlight Strips
  bild42.jpg 31469 JPG Of Backlight Kit
  bild43.jpg 38691 JPG Showing Positions Of Screw In Screen
  bild44.jpg 49900 JPG Of PC Card Drive
  bild46.jpg 50682 JPG Of Various German Books
  bild47.jpg 52232 JPG Of Various Portfolio Upgrades
  bild48.jpg 54335 JPG Of Various Portfolio Upgrades
  bild49.jpg 39994 JPG Of A Portfolio
  memcrd.jpg 96285 JPG Closeup of 384K RAM Card 1173 Various Portfolio ICONS For Windows
  pfrs232.jpg 14277 JPG Of Combined RS-232 and Parallel Port 344 Portfolio ICON For Windows 25677 Bitmap Picture Of PF With Parallel Interface