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Screen Shot File Name Size In Bytes Description 11339 Views .PGF and .PGC Files On CGA Screens 9472 Make Stand Alone .PGX Animations 2119 Graphics Screen Grabber 3072 Make .PGX Files Version 1.0 3456 Make .PGX Files Version 1.1 4096 Make .PGX Files Version 1.2 5406 Port-A-Sketch Drawing Program 1280 View .PGC Files On A PC 4068 Allows You To View .PGC On Your PF 7676 Conver .PGC Files To .PCX 9984 Check The Consistancy Of .PGC Files 8320 Portfolio Graphic Compressor 10118 Convert .PGx Files To Other Formats 44355 View .PGC Files Under Windows 3.x 1920 Allows You To View .PGX Animation On Your PF 2432 Portfolio .PGX File Viewer (Version 1.1) 5441 Portfolio .PGC Graphics Viewer 9785 Print .PGC And .PGF Files To Epson Printers 6528 PGSHOW Graphics Viewer (Version 1.0) 3450 PGSHOW Graphics Viewer (Version 1.1) 4329 PGSHOW Graphics Viewer (Version 2.0) 4382 PGSHOW Graphics Viewer (Version 2.1) 5624 Portfolio Screen Capture Program 14422 .RLE File Viewer For The Portfolio 16399 Painting Program For The Portfolio 51905 View .PGx Files On A PC