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Screen Shot File Name Size In Bytes Description 5093 Two Player Tic-Tac-Toe, Reqs PBRUN And Serial Port 120700 Text Based Adventure Game (Include Source) 22506 Tic-Tac-Toe With Funny Graphics And Sounds 4232 Destroy The Sky Scrapers To Land Your Plane 11897 Callisto, Space Mining Game On Jupitor 8284 Pontoon, 21 or Blackjack 26486 Cave Adventure (Text Only) 3545 Chinese Checkers 5020 The Games Of Chess 24009 Breakout With Graphics And Sound (Inc Pascal Src) 14251 Cribbage For The Portfolio 3188 Mathematical Board Game Based On A 5 x 5 Grid 4191 Tetris For The Portfolio 13377 Inteligent 'Doctor' Program 4636 Rebounding Fence Game 15862 Brilliant Baulderdash Clone 2436 Small Flight Simulator 10818 Advanced Chess Game Including Graphics 1960 Eat The Apples, Very Good 10015 Hangman Game By Karl Wridgway 2614 Hangman For The Portfolio 4490 The Towers Of Hanoi 18213 The Hacker Test Version 1.0 25174 Punkman Junior 2 (Pac Man) 6726 The Game Of Life, Create Your Own 6405 Landmine Game 4184 Mastermind Game 15487 Invisible Maze Game 12510 Similar To But Has Baddies 4480 Logic Puzzle Version 1.0 34928 Mini Golf Swift Basic Game (V Good) 6442 Landmine Game For Portfolio 34836 Marshall Arts Style Swift Basic Game 12860 Micromaze But Using Joystick 2058 Mastermind Game (Guess The Four Numbers) 5612 Othello Game By BJ Gleason 4741 The Game Of Othello 26410 Chess By BJ Gleason 26717 Chess By Mike Weiblen 12317 PF PEAKS Solitaire Card Game 10754 Poker Game For Handhelds 45605 Various Small Games, Including Missile Command 21189 Sliding Tile Game 6210 Arcade Game, Similar To Galaxians (Very Good) 6629 Arcade Game, Ver 2, Similar To Galaxians (Very Good) 3065 Poker Game 8658 Pac man for the Portfolio (Full Graphics) 4284 Sliding Tiles Game 5810 Portfolio Tetris Version 1.2 4005 Tic-Tac-Toe Game 4613 Tetris Style Game 5975 Starglider Game For Portfolio 4322 Simple Simon Game 41349 Sokoban Maze Game 1684 The Peg Game Of Solitaire 3889 Casino Style Klondike 26121 Portfolio Empire Game (Language Unknown) 4072 Logic Game 11346 An Old Classic, Beam Me Up Scotty 7095 Text Adventure Game 5784 Star Trek, Requires PBRUN 8271 Poker Game For Handhelds 10446 Another Tetris Clone 11359 Horizontal Tetris 8232 Tetris With Sound And Graphics 10496 The Old Classic, Star Trek 2956 Light Cycles Game (From The Film) 4003 Tic Tac Toe, By BJ Gleason 9856 Pontoon/21's Game 7087 Maze Style Game 9018 Hunt The Wumpus Game 4688 Pocket Othello 24754 Game Of Logic Of 3x3 Grid