The VX-Pro+ CPU upgrade and overclocking survey.

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I know that a number of you have sucessfully upgraded your systems and I thought it might be useful for everyone to get a survey underway.

Please remember that just because someone else has manged to get a 500Mhz CPU running it doesn't mean that you will, but at least we should be able to see what is the most often reached.


If you would like to contribute to this survey of information please enter the details of your system below.

Which processor are you using NOW?

What is the official speed rating for your CPU? Mhz

What speed are you actually running it at? Mhz - If your exact speed is not shown, please enter here Mhz.

What is the bus speed is your motherboard jumpered to? Mhz

What is the CPU multiplier jumper set to?

What voltage are you running your CPU at? Volts

What processor did you upgrade from?

What speed was it running at before you upgraded? Mhz - Please select the nearest speed .

Is your system 100% stable in it's current configuration?

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