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Transfer files between the MZ and the PC: MZF2WAV 
( for Linux and Win/DOS; program written by Jeroen F. J. Laros / Netherlands )  

There are several ways to transfer the downloadable MZF-files of my site to your MZ or directly to your data recorder:

  • Directly connect the data recorder to your PC and use the PC-interface.
  • Connect your MZ or your data recorder to the soundcard of your PC.

The first method is described on my page "PC tape interface" and also enables you to receive files from your data recorder.

The second method is described on my page "File transfer / Data transfer problem". Karl Walpuski describes the transfer from the MZ to the PC using the program tapeload.exe, but if you use a WAV-player-program like the Windows Mediaplayer and you have connected your MZ or data recorder to the output connector of your PC soundcard, then you can transfer your files into the other direction. In this case, of course, you do not need tapeload.exe, but you need a converter program which converts your MZF-files ( or M12, or MZT; simple rename the file to MZF ) to a WAV-file which can be transmitted directly.

If you decide to use an audio recorder to interface between an MZ and your PC, think first about all problems you can get by doing this. And, be sure, there are a lot of problems waiting for you! Please read my article: Using an audio recorder first before you decide. At a first sight using an audio recorder looks very user-friendly and simple to do (e.g. only a standard stereo cinch cable is needed and a transfer program). But, sooner or later you'll get a knowledge about why data recorders exist. ;-)

We also know, and so, a program to transfer MZF-files to the MZ is in progress by the author Jeroen F. J. Laros. It will work on all Wins and Linux.

This article describes a converter MZF to WAV. It is written by Jeroen F. J. Laros from Netherlands. There are other converters available in the internet ( I saw e.g. a Japanese MZF2WAV-program, a Czech TransManger, Adler's MZ-800 emulator contains also such a converter ) but this version is very simple to use and allows several baud rates.

The help screen of MZF2WAV

Simply type

mzf2wav inputfile outputfile

in the Windows-DOS prompt ( Note The program will not work under plain DOS! ) and a WAV-file containing your program will be written with the standard speed of 1200 baud. "inputfile" is the name of your MZF-file ( e.g. myprog.mzf ) and "outputfile" is the name of the new WAV-file ( e.g. myprog.wav ). Use path information for all files if required. Change the BAT-file for your purposes if you prefer to use it.

All options shown in the screenshot above are optional and described in the author's manual.
Download it now ( PDF, 41kb, 6 pages ) - you'll need it.

Download this utility now ( 25kb, all Windows ). The sourcecode is included.
Download this utility now ( 14kb, LINUX ). The sourcecode is included.

Note The MZ-80B is not supported, because your MZ-80B reads or writes using 1800 bauds ( MZ-80K, MZ-80A, MZ-700, and MZ-800, and some other Japanese types of MZs, all use 1200 baud ).

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last updated September 12, 2003

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