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De SHARP MZ-800 ten voeten uit
The SHARP MZ-800 by heart

First edition
Written by Arjan Habing in cooperation with Mark de Rover
Styling Arjan Habing
Translated from Dutch into English by Jeroen F. J. Laros

Note by I have deleted the address, phone number and bank account given here, because that information are from 1990 and no longer actual and of any interest. The company NEPTUNES PRODUCTIONS no longer exist and can't be contacted.


Nothing from this release may, for whatever purpose, be copied without prior written authorization from NEPTUNES PRODUCTIONS, with the exception of short passages meant for reviews. Selling and renting out of copies is also prohibited.

Drawings on the cover:

BABY, logo of programmer Arjan Habing, pp. 112, 113, 114
WIZARD, logo of programmer Mark de Rover, not published in this book.
AEROPLANE, figure from the first screen of the program PICTURESHOW from NEPTUNES SOFTWARE.

NEPTUNES PRODUCTIONS also makes software on demand at low cost. Call or write for more information.

A word from the translator

The translator can not be held responsible for any typing errors, translation errors or other errors this book may contain. The translator is not responsible for any damage or data loss as a result of usage of information contained in this book.

Some information contained in this book will be outdated, like phone numbers, addresses and references to the near future.

This book has been translated by Jeroen F. J. Laros in cooperation with, who scanned the original pages and sent them to me to be translated.

If this book contains any errors, please let us know. We appreciate your help.

All footnotes have been added by the translator. They usually contain additional information not present in the original book.

Note that this translation is actually a kind of second edition, because the revisions and corrections will be incorporated in this version.

This document is written in LATEX on an IBM thinkpad R32 running Debian GNU / Linux ( Sid ).

Now, enjoy the book.


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last updated July 1, 2004
Arjan Habing, Mark de Rover, Jeroen F. J. Laros,