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MZ-800 course Chapter 14 Appendix D 
14 Appendix D

14 Afterword

At the end of this book we would like to say the following: In this book we have been very frank. If we did not know something, or it was too hard to
explain, we said so. After all, we are only human too and we can not know everything.

This technique might not be very popular amongst some of you, because it can raise suspicion. We are under the impression that the book contains
more than enough information for everyone and that the explanations are more than adequate in most occasions.

In a book in which so many subjects are discussed, there can not be a thorough explanation on all subjects. For this reason we stated that you can always call or write us when you have any questions.

Some information in this book will be outdated in the year 1991. We assumed that most of the selling will take place in the year 1990 and we have adjusted the information to that.

Despite the many references to the manual and sometimes even other SHARP-books and the sometimes sandy way of writing, we hope that you have learned or will learn a lot from this book, because that is the objective after all.

Once in a while there are some superfluous written or some useless text is placed to make each chapter and section end at the end of a page 1.As you might have noticed, each page has the same amount of lines. The only exceptions are the Introduction, the table of Contents and the Afterword.

In this book we constantly use the word ‘we’, while the book is entirely written by Arjan. A number of articles in the book are from Mark and together we sell the book, that is why we keep using the word ‘we’. (Editor: This is not done in this translation).

Then there is nothing more to be said, except thanks for your interest and we hope you have some understanding for the way we wrote this book.
With kind regards,

Arjan Habing
Mark de Rover

A note from the author on UNI-gg-BASIC.
The claim that this book is only about standard-BASIC is something the entire book disproves.

The SHARP MZ-gg complains about the fact that this book does not discuss this type of BASIC thoroughly. As you can see for yourself, only about 1-2% of this book is specifically about the standard BASIC-800 and everything else can also be used in UNI-gg-BASIC.


[1] Mr. C. Gans.
[2] Mr. Smits.
[3] Ton de Pan, Lengweg 42, Hoogvliet, tel: 010-4161033.

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