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MZ-800 course Chapter 13 Appendix D 
13 Appendix D


NEPTUNES PRODUCTIONS is a VOF with as its primary goal the sale of software and computer books for the middle and small business. That also includes you, the small user, as well.

To make it possible for everyone to get the software they want we offer the possibility to make software for you.

You have to order a program via a form and we shall make that program to comply to all your wishes. Of course it has to be possible within the boundries of the SHARP MZ-800.

If you want to have a specific program, just drop us a card or a letter. You will be contacted shortly by us about the price and so on.

Presently, we already have a couple of programs that are suitable for sale and those are:

In this multi-screen (5 screens) game your goal is, being the worm, to eat a whole field empty. The problem however, is that by eating you get longer. Because it is forbidden to runacross yourself, the lengthening is an annoying problem and this problem get worse as the game advances.

A very nice program that draws about 25 pictures in which it uses all 16 colours. This program is by far better than the programs that preceded it and also showed pictures.

A game for two persons after the familiar game show LINGO. There are 1000 words from which there will be chosen from.

At the bottom of a dark castle you have to search the whole vault for time bombs with only a tiny flashlight. There are many doors and different chambers in the castle. So it will not be an easy task.

Unfortunately this is not enough to fill a cassette with, because we want to put about 15 programs on one cassette and this cassette will cost about Fl 25,–. We shall only quality programs on the cassette, so the price is very low.

Hopefully we shall make and sell more books. At least we have some ideas for future books:

• EDUCATIVE APPLICATIONS -A book for education.
• MACHINE LANGUAGE ON THE SHARP MZ-800 -The title says all.
• EXTENSIONS ON THIS BOOK -More about the FLOPPY, RAMDISK and PLOTTER and things like that.

As you see, we have good hope for the future. The SHARP start a new life with NEPTUNES PRODUCTIONS. We want to make the SHARP bloom again, because there are about forty-thousand SHARP MZ-800 models sold in our country and they can not all be on the scrapheap in such a short time.

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