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MZ-800 course Chapter 12 Appendix D 
12 Appendix D

12.4 APPENDIX D: SHARP-clubs and addresses

12.4.2 Club 2: SHARP Computer Club Edam

To avoid confusion we shall abbreviate this club with SCCEd. This club has been around for quite some time, but it is not since long that they
have become independent. At first, the SCCEd was a department of the SHARP MZ-gg of the HCC, but because of discontent about the way of things within the HCC MZ-gg this club has become independent and runs better than before.

SCCEd is in a way comparable to SCCE. The main difference is that SCCEd issues its club magazine less frequent while the membership fee is equal to the one of the SHARP club from Elst. Six meetings a year are organised (on Sundays) and prior to each meeting a club magazine, named SHARPIE, is published. The magazine is, like the one of SCCE, a professional magazine and worth while.

SCCEd has a large library for its members filled with books and software to rent or buy. A drawback is, that for renting a book a small fee, which is too high in our opinion, is asked.

Looking at the whole picture, this club has less to offer than the SCCE. In contrast, this club has a more serious approach, in the form of workshops and a book-and software library. In this the connection with the HCC SHARP MZ-gg can still be seen a little.

As the authors of this book, we had little to do with this club, but we expect that this will change after this book is published. That will extend
our insight in this club and it will make us able to make better statements than we can do now.

The meetings are visited well, but the atmosphere is a little less nice than the one at SHARP Computer Club Elst.

SCCEd has about 120 members and co¨operates on a small scale with SCCE. Maybe this co¨operation will be extended in the future. We also hope that the co¨operation with the SHARP MZ-gg will improve. At this time it is out
of the question.

For more information you can call or write:

The chairman: Joop Veenstra tel: 02993-67170

The secretary: Jan Rutte tel: 02550-33796

(Editor: The data is not actual - it is from 1990.)

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