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MZ-800 course Chapter 12 Appendix D 
12 Appendix D

12.4 APPENDIX D: SHARP-clubs and addresses

In this appendix you can find information about the three major clubs for owners of the SHARP MZ-800 and we will also mention some names and addresses of people you can contact when you have questions about your SHARP MZ-800.

12.4.1 Club 1: SHARP Computer Club Elst

This club is founded by a number of fanatic SHARP users from Elst (Gelderland, The Netherlands) and surroundings, who wanted to do more with their SHARP than playing the games ADVOKA and HEAD DRIVER.

In a couple of months this small club has grown from a reckless computer club with a wild club magazine to an adult club with a professional club magazine.
At this time the club has 140 members, of which the major part owns a SHARP MZ-800. These members are from all around the country and even from abroad (Belgium). The authors of this book are also member of this club, but more on this later.

What can SCCE offer you and how high (or maybe even: how low) is the member fee?

• SCCE has 6 meetings per year in the building ‘Onder de Toren’ in Elst. At these meetings about 10-15 SHARPS will be present and about ten other computers about 50-75 people visit us and these numbers keep rising.
At the meetings programs, ideas and other things are interchanged. At the same time club gadgets, like club cassettes, QDs and other stuff are sold.
There are also plans to arrange regional meetings all through the land in the future. Of course we need money to do that and we need some more members. We are confident of that part. Maybe an SCCE meeting is in your neighbourhood next year.

• SCCE has a MONTHLY club magazine that each member receives FOR FREE. This magazine contains relevant information about your SHARP, like POKES, programs, tips and tricks, a machine language course, a course on graphical applications and so on. If you know that the authors of this book are permanent contributors to this magazine, you know that the contents must be good. (We assume that you appreciate the contents of this book, otherwise the previous claim is not entirely correct).

• SCCE produces club cassettes. Each cassette contains about 22 programs. These programs vary from games to extensive files and are worth recommendation. The price of a club cassette is only Fl 15,– and for the same price it will be delivered to you at home. The authors of this book have also contributed to the club cassettes, by offering very useful to very amusing programs in both BASIC and machine language.

• SCCE has connections with various computer related companies and can therefore present regular offers to its members, like a printer with Fl 50,– reduction or QDs that are 10% cheaper. This way you can save some money when buying computer accessories.
We can go on like this for a while about SCCE, but that will leave no space for the other clubs, which can not be forgotten.
What you should know is that the membership fee is only Fl 35,– for a whole year and when you know that 24,– is spent on making and shipping the club magazine, you see that your money is well spent on relevant information and numerous offers and of course: The enjoying meetings where everyone treats each other kind-hearted. That is why the motto of SCCE is: Feel yourself at home at your own club.

Als makers van dit boek kunnen wij U sterk aanraden lid te worden van deze club, U zult er waarschijnlijk geen spijt vam krijgen. Achteraf hebben wij zelfs nog veel kunnen leren bij deze club.

A lot of people however have the problem of not living near Elst and therefore they have to make high travelling costs. This problem however, is smaller than you might think. There is always someone in your neighbourhood who is also a member and you can probably get a lift, which makes the trip a lot less expensive. Of course it would be ideal if four people could ride along, this would minimise the costs. Maybe it is not even necessary to drive all the way to Elst, because the chance exists that there will be regional meetings in the near future.

Do not wait until that happens, become a member this instant. You can apply for membership to the cashier. Of course you can also wait for a while and ask for more information from the chairman or the cashier, they will be glad to be of service.
Maybewewill seeyou at the SHARP Computer Club Elst.

The chairmain: Han Bleeker
De Zuiling 91
6662 RB Elst
tel: 08819-76380
(18.00 -20.00h)
The cashier: Jos Bos
Lijsterstraat 1
6991 ES Rheden
tel: 08309-54483
(19.00 -21.00h)

(Editor: The data is not actual - it is from 1990.)

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