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MZ-1T01 / MZ-1T04 data recorder 
( Detailed installation instructions )  
Installing the Sharp MZ-1T01 ( for MZ-700 ) / MZ-1T04 ( for MZ-800 ) data recorder

Perhaps you have so far been using a standard audio cassette player with your computer, or you may have been lucky enough to have load the data recorder supplied separately as a free ‘extra‘ when you purchased the computer. In either case, you will need to know how to connect up the data recorder.

Turn off the mains power to the computer and unplug the power cable.

Then turn the computer round so that you can reach the two cross-headed screws which hold the cassette compartment cover. Remove these carefully, using the right size of Philips-type screwdriver so that you don‘t damage the screwheads. You may find that a screwdriver with a suitable head size is rather small overall, making it difficult to get sufficient leverage if, as on my model ( was ;-), the screws are very tight. The answer is to get someone to steady the computer while you place the screwdriver into the head of the screw, pressing it in firmly, while you use a pair of pliers in your other hand to grip the shank of the screwdriver and effect the turning motion.

The following instructions are specific to the MZ-711, although owners of the MZ-811 will be able to glean general hints from them. Nowever, you will find that the MZ-800 Owners Manual shows the data recorder connections quite clearly in section 7.2.6 which covers fitting of the VRAM chips.

Having removed the cover, look into the compartment, which seems to be almost filled by a metal box ( the TV modulator ). You will see the jumper plug - a white connector with three short blue wires which come out of it and go back in again. lt is towards the rear of the computer - don‘t touch the connectors which contain several multi-coloured wires. Your task is to grip that connector gently but firmly and lift it upwards to remove it. lt is a tight fit, and you may find it helps to gently rock the connector from end to end ( but not across its narrowest axis, because that would bend the pins inside ).

When you have removed the connector store it away carefully ( together with the compartment cover ) as you would need it if you had to revert to a standard cassette player. Now look for a thin metal strip, with a row of projecting ‘teeth‘, which should be supplied with the data recorder. This is the earthing strip, and it is slipped over the two lugs into which the retaining screws are fitted, so that the ‘teeth‘ are uppermost and come into contact with the metal base of the data recorder when it is placed in position. Make sure that the tabs with holes in them are located between the metal lugs and the plastic of the outer casing, so they are firmly gripped when the screws are tightened.

Next locate the polarity switch. This is a black slide switch located inside the compartment, and changes the polarity of the recording head. On my computer it needed to be pushed to the right ( as you face the keyboard ) when being used with the integral data recorder, and to the left when used with an audio cassette. lf you subsequently find difficulties in loading programs try changing the position of this switch.

MZ-800 owners should ensure that system switch 4 is now in the 0FF position.

You will be relieved to learn that it is much easier to plug in the data recorder connector than it was to remove the jumper plug! Look at the 9-pin connector attached to the data recorder and you will see that at one side it projects downwards. This projection should be on the left as you face the keyboard. Place the connector gently on to the pins, and when you are sure that it is correctly located, press it firmly downwards into position.

Now lower the data recorder into its compartment, making sure that the connecting cable subsides gracefully into the space next to the connector, so that it will not get pinched between the data recorder and parts of the computer. Locate the screws and begin to tighten them. lf they do not seem to grip, check that the cable is not caught, then try again. Tighten the screws firmly ( so that they grip the earthing strip ) but not to excess.

Your Sharp MZ-711 / MZ-811 has now been transformed into a model 721 / 821, and you will now be able to follow the LOAD and SAVE procedures as outlined by the last 2 links and additional here.

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last updated September 3, 2002