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PCG700 installation 
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The PCG700 developed by the HAL Laboratory for the Sharp MZ-700

The PCG700 developed by the HAL Laboratory for the Sharp MZ-700

The following items were supplied by a PCG700:

  • PCG700 board boxed

  • Cassette PCG-Soft ( PCG-AID control program, demo program )

    The original tape volume of the PCG-AID utility

  • Cable 24pins with DIL-connectors

  • Manual

    The original PCG700 manual

Connection to the MZ-700 series

The MZ-700 must be opened. To this remove its screws:

5 screws at the rear, 3 at the bottom, 2 of the cassette recorder or the cover ( MZ-711 only ), 2 of the plotter ( MZ-731 only ) or the cover, 2 under the plotter and the recorder or the cover(s). Disconnect the recorder and the plotter if you have such devices. Now remove the MZ-700 cover and next the keyboard by removing its 2 screws one at the left and one at the right side.

The CG-ROM  chip of the MZ-700
Now remove carefully the CG-ROM chip signed as BC ROM (CG) at the board by using a screw driver.
The 24pins DIL connector which replaces the MZ-700's CG-ROM chip

Put the 24pin DIL-connector into this socket so that the cable goes into the direction of the MZ-700's rear. Now remount the keyboard and the MZ-700's cover. Let the 24pins cable go through the hole in the MZ-700's cover. To this use the hole which is used too to connect the recorder. Remount all now: screws, recorder, plotter, and their connectors.

Assembling the MZ-700's CG-ROM chip into the PCG700
Open the PCG700 now by removing the 4 screws at its bottom.
Put the CG-ROM chip of the MZ-700 into the socket as shown. Pay attention to the notch at the chip and don't damage the pins of it while inserting. The notch at the chip must be positioned as shown.
PCG700 I/O bus connector
Connect the PCG700 to the I/O bus at the rear of the MZ-700 by this PCG700-connector.
Inside the PCG700
Inside the PCG700

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last updated November 7, 2002