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The RF modulator 
( of the MZ-700 )  

The RF modulator of the MZ-700
RF cover shield opened
component side of the RF modulator
Hint click on the picture above to see the soldering side

Elements of MZ-700's RF modulator
The elements of the RF modulator
detailed description

This module contains a colour encoder, a video modulator, and the signal preparation to generate the output signals RF, RGB, and video to display the screen by a colour TV, a colour monitor or by a monochrome monitor.

The sound isn't mixed onto the signal RF for a colour TV :-( I know some low cost modules which support the sound too but they are not compatible to the original dimensions and to the arrangement of the output connectors RF and Video.

  • Input signals
    • COLOR Colour sub-carrier wave frequency
    • CSYNC Composite synchronizing signal
    • HSYNC Horizontal synchronizing signal
    • VSYNC Vertical synchronizing signal
    • R
    • G
    • B
    • CVIDEO
  • Rear view

    Rear view of the MZ-700's colour encoder

  • 8-pin DIN connector

    RGB connector ( solderinge side )
    soldering side

    RGB connector ( front view )
    front view
    MZ-700 MZ-800
    1 CVIDEO I
    2 GND GND
    3 C-SYNC unused
    6 RED RED

  • Whenever there is any problem with the display check if all signals are supplied to the colour encoder. Check the waveform of VIDEO OUT.
    Note Problems may arise if the colour TV is improperly adjusted.

    Signal waveform of VIDEO OUT
    Signal waveform of VIDEO OUT ( figures
    in the drawing represents nominal value )

Circuit diagram and motherboard mark at connector P-9: Color encoder ( M1009ACZL )
MZ-700 SHARP Service Manual info:

3 DUNT-1151ACZZ BN N E RF modulator

Note There seem to be two versions of the RF modulator inbuilt in the production of the MZ-700 series by SHARP. In my MZ-700 Operation Manual is shown another circuit diagram as in the MZ-700 Service Manual code 00ZMZ700SM/E. The Operation Manual shows an IC type µPC1037H. The Sevice Manual shows an IC type MC1372P. The circut diagrams are completely different. The MZ-700s I saw had all the µPC1037H. Please mail me if you have more information about this.

Download datasheet IC MC1372P Motorola, color TV video modulator ( PDF, 273Kb )
Download datasheet IC 74LS04 National Semiconductor, hex inverting gates ( PDF, 121 Kb )
Download datasheet IC 74LS74 Motorola, dual D-type edge-triggered flip-flop ( PDF, 54 Kb )
Download datasheet IC 74LS86 National Semiconductor, quad 2-input exclusive-or gates ( PDF, 114 Kb )
Download datasheet IC 4066 SGS-Thomsen, quad bilateral switch ( PDF, 267 Kb )
Download japanese datasheet IC UPC1037 Double balanced RF mixer / amplifier ( SSB, PDF, 3,146 Kb )
Download datasheet Transistor 2SA733 NEC ( PDF, 235 Kb )
Download datasheet Transistor 2SC945 UTC ( PDF, 59 Kb )
Download datasheet Transistor 2SC1675 USHA ( PDF, 86 Kb )
Download datasheet Transistor 2SC2787 NEC ( PDF, 229 Kb )
Download datasheet Diode 1SS119 HITACHI ( PDF, 27 Kb )

About the µPC1037H ( UPC1037, Double balanced modulation circuit ) the only information I can give this time is the following:

Functions Double balanced modulation circuit
Applications For SSB modulation/demodulation.
Features Carrier leak and signal leak are small.
Intermodulation distortion is small. Required carrier level is small.
A few external parts need not to be adjusted.
The external view is 7-pin signal in-line type.
A package can be mounted easily and is suited for mass production.
8-pin SOP is suited for surface mounting.
Performances Signal leak: -32dB
Intermodulation distrotion: -45dB
Carrier leak: -32dB
Topt=-30 to +75deg.C
Vcc=5.0 to 7.0V

This chip is no longer produced by NEC ( production end date 1996, 7-pin-SIP, modulator contains two of this chips ).

Please send me the english version of the datasheet of the UPC1037 if you have it, thanks.

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last updated August 5, 2002