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The RF modulator 
( connectors and control elements )  

Elements of the MZ-700's video modulator

The video modulator at the rear of the MZ-700

11 The connector RGB physically connects a colour monitor to the MZ-700 ( e.g. MZ-1D05 ). Click to get the pinout description.

12 The connector RF physically connects a colour TV to the MZ-700. Click to get the pinout description.

13 The connector video physically connects a monochrome monitor to the MZ-700 ( e.g. MZ.1D04 ). Click to get the pinout description.

If you use a TV via the RF connector and your television shows any TV program while your MZ-700 is connected but not powered on then the channel trim element enables you to tune to a free channel to prevent interferences between the TV program and the MZ-700's signal. You can tune between a range from channel 33 to 39.

The switch B/W - color enables you to deactivate displaying the color. In some cases while using a TV this will intensify the contrast between characters and its background color.

For more details about using and connecting monitors or a TV go to this page now.

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Connector video to connect a monchrome monitor channel trimmer Switch to color or black and white only modes Connector RF to connect a TV Connector RGB to connect a colour monitor

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last updated August 4, 2002