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[dir] bootrom [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] dos_odi [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] ipx [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] mslanman.dos [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] mslanman.os2 [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] ndis_20 [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] nw_4 [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] nw_31x [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] os2_odi [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] pctcp [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] unixinfo [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] wfw311 [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] win95 [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[dir] winnt [dir] 2020-Jun-06  
[] disk1 [calculate md5sum] 3.0  B 2008-Jan-06  
[txt] install.txt [calculate md5sum] 41.7 KB 2008-Jan-06  
[inf] nete200p.inf [calculate md5sum] 4.0 KB 2008-Jan-06  
[1st] readme.1st [calculate md5sum] 14.9 KB 2008-Jan-06  
[exe] setup.exe [calculate md5sum] 62.9 KB 2008-Jan-06  
5 Files - 14 Folders Total size: 123.4 KB    
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