VX-Pro+ "0430" bios file.



These files are placed here as they are becoming increasingly difficult to find on the 'net, as PCChips in the US and Taiwan seem to have removed them from their sites. The Awardflash utility is the version that I have used sucessfully to flash these boards in the past.

Please ensure that you have the right board for this bios file - a VX-Pro+ M537DMA. If you are in doubt please email me.

The VX-PRO+ boards (M537DMA) have a bios ID string containing 2A5LDH09 If your board looks similar but has a bios string containing 2A5LAH09 you have a 'standard' VX-PRO (M537) without UDMA/33 support - THE FILE BELOW MAY NOT WORK WITH YOUR BOARD !!! UNTIL I HAVE CONFIRMATION THAT IT'S OK I CANNOT RECOMMEND YOU USE IT.


 The latest bios file for 's' type flash chips.

0430bios.bin (130K) saves as 5370430s.bin


The Awardflash utility (version that works).

awdflash.exe (8K)

awdread.me  (.5K)


Recovery procedure if your flash goes wrong!


1. Take PCI video card out (you can do it with a PCI video card, but you won't see anything on the screen)

2. Insert an old ISA video card and hook up monitor

3. Insert DOS boot floppy in drive a:

4. Turn on Computer

5. Computer will boot using award boot bios

6. Insert disk with flash program and the backup bios (you should always flash from a floppy in case you mess something up... the flash program along with the new and backed up bios will fit on a floppy)

7. Flash bios chip with good backup bios

8. Re-boot.. computer should work fine

(Thanks to Christopher Nolan for giving me this information.)