I was quite happily running my VX-Pro+ motherboard with 48Mb of EDO memory made up of 2 x 16Mb and 2 x 8Mb SIMMs, but with memory prices at a reasonable level I decided to increase to 64Mb of SDRAM on a single DIMM.

Without looking into anything further I ordered the memory from a local supplier and it duly arrived. Installation went very well and within a few minutes I was up and running at 'full tilt'.

I was surprised therefore when I saw a posting on either Sysopt or Anadtech from someone who tried to upgrade from 32Mb to 64Mb (both DIMMs). Even more of a surprise was a reply from someone else stating that the VX-Pro+ chipset didn't suport 64Mb DIMMs - because that was the configuration I was working on!

I replied, confirming that MY system did support a 64Mb SDRAM DIMM. A further respondent clarified that whilst the specifications for the PCChips M537DMA says it can support 64Mbit technology in DRAM and SDRAM, the VIA specifications for the Apollo VX97 which is the supplier chipset designation clearly states that it doesn't support 64Mbit.

I confirmed the memory markings on the 8 SDRAM chips which are;

These are made by Micron Semiconductor Product Inc.


It turns out that these are 64Mbit technology chips!! -but- their organisation is not the most common, in particular these chips are an 8Mb x 8 organisation which for some reason are accepted by the VX-Pro+ chipset!


So if you want to use 64Mb DIMMs - make sure you specify they have an 8x8 organisation.