The VX-Pro+ DIMM survey.

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We know that the VX-Pro+ chipset has difficulty recognising some types of DIMM module, in particular those that use 64Mbit technology.

To try and help ourselves when ordering new DIMM memory modules I'm composing a database of successful manufacturers and types so that (hopefuly) by specifying a particular make and model we can buy memory that will work in the board!

Please bear in mind that there is no guarantee that any of the following will work for you if should be a little less of a gamble. I suggest that you always buy from a supplier who will agree to take the module back from you if it proves incompatible.


If you would like to contribute to this survey of information please enter the details of your system below.

What size DIMM module are you using? Please submit one form for each type.

What type of module is it?

If an SDRAM module, is it ?

What is the official speed rating for your module?

What is the module voltage?

Who is the manufacturer / reseller of the module?

----------------- If 'other' please enter the name

What is the memory bus speed set to?

Who actually make the RAM chips themselves? - This information can usually be found printed on the individual chips and could be a symbol or abrieviation.

What are the part numbers on the RAM chips?

How many individual RAM chips are on each side of the module? - only count the RAM chips please.

Is your system 100% stable in it's current configuration?

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