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If you have a VX-Pro+ based motherboard you may find the information posted here of interest.

They explain how I've managed to get an AMD K6/266 working on my VX-Pro+ motherboard, overclocked to 337Mhz.


How I have subsequently upgraded my CPU to a K6-2/350, running at 412Mhz.

Email reports of 450, 500Mhz and K6-3/400 operational!!!!


Updated: 10th August 2000



Links: - System optimisation bulletin board, useful but fast moving! - Tom's hardware page, probably the best known review site. - Another review site, good AMD info. - Wims BIOS page, site to find all your bios code links. - AMD's homepage. - US PCChips site. - Taiwan PCChips site. - Netherlands PCChips site bios page. - A very comprehensive collection of PCChips bioses and information. - If things go bad on you and you need to buy a new bios chip.




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