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MZ-800 JAVA-Emulator 
( written by Zdenìk Adler )  

MZ-800 JAVA emulator
( Note The picture quality of the screenshot is reduced by image resize )


The emulator is an JAVA application. Because the JAVA language is multiportable, you can use it on any computer which has a JAVA interpreter ( e.g. PC, Macintosh, Palm / OS, Workstation, and others ).

Note This is a beta version ( unfinished version ), but the author has promised to expand and develop the emulator step by step in the next time. So it is a good decision to visit this site or the author's site time by time to ever get the actual version of this emulator.

Note This time the emulator can only load a program named "default.mzf" which must reside in the same directory of the emulator. Before executing the emulator you must rename the MZ-program you want to execute to "default.mzf" and copy the renamed file to your JAVA-emulator directory.


First you must install the latest release ( 1.3 or higher ) of the JavaTM Runtime Environment ( also known as the Java Runtime or JRE ). It consists of the Java virtual machine*, the Java platform core classes, and supporting files. It is the runtime part of the Java Development Kit - no compiler, no debugger, no tools. The JRE is the smallest set of executables and files that constitute the standard Java platform. If you have not installed it, you can do a free download now from ( >= 8 MB ) for the installation of the JRE. JRE 1.4 is available for download too, see

Test it now

You can try a test now if JRE is installed at your site:
First you have to click into the blue emulator screen. Next type "C" and an example application ( default.mzf ) is loaded. Please be patient while all files are being loaded. The example is a game named MOTY. Press the CR-key and choose an option. Use the cursor keys to play the game.


Download the emulator
( 25 kb ) to use the emulator offline.
Download ( 14 kb ) and unzip the needed MZ-ROMs too into a subdirectory /ROM of the emulator directory.
There is no permission to copy the ZIP-file of the emulator or parts of it to other servers for download services.

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last updated June 4, 2007

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