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MZ-80B Emulator 
( written by Tony Friery / UK )  

The initial screen

This emulator is written by Tony Friery from UK. The emulator works under Windows 9x / ME / NT 4 / NT 5.

Read the following email written by Tony for the features supported this time:

I have added some new features, notably the keyboard now works correctly, floppy write support, screen reverse etc. And it now seems to run CP/M and BASIC perfectly. There are some glitches in the keyboard handling when a key is held down for a while ( it continues to repeat until you hold it down once more for a while ), and the sound sometimes wraps over itself, but it should still be perfectly usable. Also, you can now load ( binary ) BIN and MZF files directly. BIN files are assumed to load and execute from $0000, MZF files this information is read from the MZF file.

However, supported are:

  • Z80 Processor @ 4 MHz
  • 32k RAM
  • Optional 64k RAM expansion
  • Optional Graphics I Card
  • Most FDC ( Floppy Controller ) operations ( but see note below ) using CPDREAD DSK format files
  • Single channel sound output ( has some issues ) [Requires DirectX]
  • Keyboard supported. Keys are in original locations which is annoying sometimes!
    ( Left AltGr is RVS, Left Ctrl is Graph ) - Has AutoRepeat issues :(
  • 40 / 80 Column Screen including Screen Inverting
  • PPI, PIO and PIT should be fully working, though the 8253 PIT Timer runs slow
  • Full RAM profile ( including remapping )
  • Can load Binary or MZF images directly without using IPL

Not yet emulated:

  • Optional Graphics II Card
  • General Purpose I/O Card
  • RS232 Card
  • Parallel Printer Card
  • FDC "Track" commands ( read / write track ) - This means no formatting possible
  • Display VBLANK
  • No tape emulation yet

It will soon be possible to read / write tape files using the emulator ( WAV format or MZF format ). Already MZF format is almost tested, so I will include this when it is complete.

About the usage:

On startup, it's running IPL, so attach a floppy ( DSK-image from CPDREAD ) and then tell IPL which floppy to boot.

You'll see some of the screens here to get a short overview of its functions.

About screen

Emulator options

Floppy Drive Selection

Z80 Debugger

IOForm for the 8255 PPI, Z80-PIO, and the 8253 PIT

Sample screenshot of SB-6610 execution

Sample screenshot of SB-6510 execution

Sample screenshot of SB-6611 execution

Sample screenshot of CP/M execution


You can download now the version 2.97 ( 935 kb ) you saw above. The FONT-file and ROM are included. There are also some DSK-images to use the standard Disk Basic SB-6510 and CP/M

The files:

mz80b.exe ( emulator )
discmgr.exe ( utility; needs borlndmm.dll and cc3250mt.dll )
roms/mzbasic.dsk ( CPDREAD disk image of SB-6510 and some programs )
roms/ipl.bin ( MZ-80B IPL ROM )
roms/z80bcpm.dsk ( CPDREAD disk image, CP/M and several files for it )

Unzip all files into the directories specified in the ZIP-file. Ready... enjoy it.

Note Note by the author:
Source code available on request, but please be aware that it requires CBuilder 5 or higher to build, along with the Graphics32 library from Alex A. Denisov, DirectX headers for Borland and may require a small number of custom components, also available on request.

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last updated June 4, 2007

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