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The SHARP USERS CLUB, based in the U.K. but with members around the globe ( including Europe, South Africa, and Australia ). The SUC started in September 1980, at Yeovil College in Somerset, England and its quality Magazine, published 3 times a year, covers ALL Sharp computers, including the latest PC laptops.

Cover of SUC Magazine Vol. 21/1 March 2001 reverse side Cover of SUC Magazine Vol. 11/1 March 1991
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At its peak, there were over 800 members, and even after 20 years its still going strong !

The SUC has a large library of PD software for all the older Sharp machines such as:

Z80 machines ( Sharp Basic Tape / Disk OS or CP/M programs ): MZ-80K, MZ-80A, MZ-80B, MZ-700, MZ-800, MZ-3500, and PC-3201 ( the PC-3201 was known as the ZY-3200 in the USA ).

Also Z80 machines that were sold mainly or exclusively in Japan e.g. X1, MZ-2500, and others.

Early 8086 machines ( CP/M-86 or non-IBM Sharp MS-DOS programs ): MZ-5500, MZ-5600, 'SHARPWRITER', PC-5000 'Bubble' machine, and others.

If you have an interest in any of the Sharp machines, old and new, it's worth joining. ( It costs less than 10 ukp per year, and you get three magazines and unlimited access to software ! )

The SUC can supply software, hardware upgrades and documentation for many of the above machines.

John Edwards, Mike Mallett, and Maurice Hawes
John Edwards, Mike Mallett & Maurice diagnose a tape loading problem...

A Popular watering-hole in Weymouth...
before retiring to a popular watering-hole in Weymouth !

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