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SUC Magazines Index Help  

Use the SUC Magazines Index to search or to list the index of the club magazines database. The database contains all published issues from 1981 to 2000. The three Software Manuals are also included.

Search Item
Enter any search item in the input field to search the database. Do not enter any search item if you want to list the complete contents.

This time you cannot not use more than one search item. If you put space characters in your search item then all records are searched for this search item like an exact "phrase". Apostrophes will be automatically deleted by the program (be sure, the database doesn't contain any apostrophes). Quotation marks are supported like all other characters are.

Radio buttons
Use the radio buttons ( Article / Topics ) to specify which search or list function should be invoked. Each article has a topic ( e.g. 3.5" MASTER DISKS AND DISK DRIVES ). All available topics can be searched or listed by selecting the topics radio button. Each article has a headline which describes globally the contents of the article. All available articles can be searched or listed by selecting the article radio button.

There are two selection boxes: Vol./Year and Issue No.

The 'Vol./Year' selection box lets you choose a volume number. The volume number is a relation to the year in which all issues were published ( e.g. 1 - 1981, 10 - 1990 ). You can limit your search or list function by using this selection box and (additional) by using the 'Issue No.' selection box.

Use SM for a selection of the Software Manuals. SS is an entry for future use ( SharpSoft User Manuals). The index of these isn't available this time. I do not have the index data set.

The 'Issue No.' selection box is automatically updated to the numbers of issues published in that year which you select in the 'Vol./Year' selection box. Normally there are published 3 issues per year, but in some cases there are two or four issues available. Please wait for the completion of the update of the 'Issue No.' selection box after selecting a value in the 'Vol./Year' selection box, otherwise unpredictable results can occur.

Both selection boxes have a selectable item 'All'. This means that all volumes and issues can be searched or listed. If you choose 'All' in the 'Vol./Year' selection box you cannot choose an issue number. In this case all issues were processed. But you can limit your search/list function to one issue only if you choose a year by the 'Vol./Year' selection box and an issue number by the 'Issue No.' selection box.

Press the 'Go-button' if you have made all your choices. Alternatively you can use the 'Enter-key' if you have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Output Sort order
The results in the output are sorted. The results are sorted by topics if you selected the topics radio button. If you selected the article radio button and a volume number (and optional an issue number) then the output will be sorted by the issue numbers and the page numbers. In all other cases the output will be sorted by articles.

You can sort each column of any result page by clicking on a column header.
The available column headers are:
Article ( = the article's headlines)
Vol. ( = Volume/Year ),
No. ( = issue number ),
page(s) ( = page number(s) of that issue ),
Month ( of the publication year ), and

If your search function or list function will give more than 25 results then the output is paged. In this case a page index is shown at the top and end of the results listing. The index is numerically and a maximum of 20 page numbers are shown. A '...' is shown if there are more pages available. This will be also shown at the beginning of the page index if you previously selected one at the end of the page index (while paging around). The meaning is similar to (non existent) previous / next buttons.

Topic selection
If you selected the topics radio button then you can click on any of the listed topics in the result page. The result will be a new result page which shows all articles for the selected topic. This will not show very much articles if you have selected a volume ( and optional an issue ).

Errors may occur if you use the browser's navigate buttons (back/forward). This problem is known and will be fixed soon.

What next?
More than one search item
AND / OR combining of search items
Linking from a page number to display the page of that issue
Some cosmetics
Inclusion of the SharpSoft User Manuals.

Please feel free to report any errors, ideas and useful hints.

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last updated December 23, 2003

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