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MZF Disassembler 
( for Linux and Win/DOS; written by Jeroen F. J. Laros / Netherlands )  

This version of a Z80 disassembler works directly on a MZF-file ( or M12, or MZT; simple rename the file to MZF ).

If you start the disassembler from the Windows-DOS prompt ( Note The program will not work under plain DOS! ) by

mzfdisas myprog.mzf

the contents of the header and the addresses in the header are displayed automatically:

Header display

Available commands
There are several commands available.

The command "e" presets the disassembler to the execution address ( "l" will use the load address ) and "d" toggles between the disassemble mode and the dump mode. "u" performs the mode previously set.

Dump mode output
Dump mode

Disassembler mode output
Disassemble mode

A further "u" shows the next page.

Download the operation manual ( PDF, 38kb, 4 pages ).

Download this utility now ( 50kb, all Windows ). The sourcecode is included.
Download this utility now ( 47kb, LINUX ). The sourcecode is included.

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last updated September 14, 2003

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