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History of the MZ-2000 and MZ-2200 
written by Maurice Hawes / SUC/UK 
Source: SUC-magazine November 1999, Volume 19 Number 3, p. 20  
A Brief History of the MZ-2000 and MZ-2200

Development of Sharp Computers in Japan 1978 - 1985

The MZ-2000 and MZ-2200 were not imported for general sale in the U.K. and we know little about them. However, the graph shows that they are closely related, and this is confirmed by the fact that, on the MZ-2500 described later in these pages, one position of the 3-way MODE switch emulates BOTH of these machines.

The MZ-2000

We have no MZ-2000, but thanks to Glyn John we do have its Disk BASIC MZ-2Z001, and this boots on the MZ-2500 with the date 1982. Otherwise, all we have is diagram showing how to connect the MZ-2000 or MZ-2200 to an MZ-1P07 printer. This diagram shows the MZ-2000 looking very similar to the MZ-80B, with a built-in tape deck and VDU ( which is presumably Mono ); it also shows that the MZ-2000 requires an external I/O Box, but the MZ-2200 does not:

Connection of MZ-2000 / MZ-2200 to a MZ-1P07 rinter

The MZ-2200

We have no MZ-2200, but we do have 2 undated Japanese brochures and they show a ‘key-board-only‘ machine with 64K main RAM, 2K text RAM, and 48K VRAM; ALL other peripherals, even the tape deck, are externally connected. All the peripherals, and system tapes and disks, are listed with MZ-part numbers; these include Tape BASIC MZ-1Z003 and Disk BASICS MZ-2Z001 ( B/W ) and MZ-2Z002 ( Colour ); and many of the pictures in the brochures show colour Monitors:

( The original picture in the SUC-issue
is in B/W, so I place this one here )

See next picture of MZ-2200 ( 45 kb ).
See picture of peripherals for the MZ-2200 ( Japanese, 309 kb ).

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SUC / UK: Maurice Hawes

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