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New MZ-80K Monitor 

New MZ-80K Monitor screen shot

This is a powerful monitor for the MZ-80K which has a lot of additional functions, commands, and high expanded routines. It replaces the MZ-80K monitor ROM SP-1002 and the monitor is compatible to this monitor. Additional, it supports autorepeat for key inputs.

You can use this monitor in your MZ-80K or in emulators by replacing or defining the ROM-file(s). If you want to use it in your MZ-80K you have to download the binary ROM-contents for this monitor and to burn a 4 kb EPROM which then replaces the original MZ-80K ROM. Read the "MZ-80K Hints and Tips" to know how to replace the MZ-80K ROM.

New Monitor Commands

  • C
    If you have just loaded or saved a program to tape you can re-save ( copy ) it again to tape by using this command.

  • D
    Search the memory for hexvalue(s).

    Example of the command D

    The syntax is: D FROM TOTO and additional type in into the next line the hex values which are to be searched for. The addresses are displayed if if the search function was successful.

  • E
    The address $E020 is checked for a ROM. If the ROM contains $3E at this address then the monitor performs the execution to $E020.

  • F
    This command invokes the floppy ROM ( same meaning like the FD-function of the SP-1002 monitor ROM ).

  • G
    Jump to the specified address ( syntax is G xxxx ).

  • H
    Displays the header information taken from $10F0. This will work correct only if you have saved or loaded a file prior to the execution of this command.

  • K
    Fill a memory area with a given hex value. Syntax is FROM TOTO XX ( XX = hex value, 1 byte )

  • L
    Load the next file found on tape.

    Example of the command L

    The load process displays all header information: file name, load address, end address, execution address, file attribute, and the contents of the comment area.

    The program will be automatically executed if the execution address defined in the tape header is greater than $11FF. Otherwise the program is loaded but not executed.

    You cannot load a program into RAM addresses which are ROM addresses ( e.g. < $1000 ).<

  • M
    Dumps the memory.

    Example of the command M

    The memory will be displayed continuously. Stop the output by SHIFT & BRK or pause it by BRK only. Pressing any key will continue the display output.

  • S
    Saves a program to tape. You are first asked for the file name. Next you have to set the hex values for the start address, end address, and execution address.

  • T
    Fill the memory with an ASCII string. Syntax is F TOTO and next type in into the next line the ASCII string which will be stored to the memory address at TOTO.

  • V
    Verify a file just written on tape.

  • W
    Write the given hex values to the memory. Syntax is W TOTO and next type in the hex values which will be stored to the memory address at TOTO.

  • X
    Copy / transfer the contents of a memory area to a specific location. Syntax is X FROM TOTO XXXX ( XXXX is the memory address where the area from FROM to TOTO is to be copied ).

  • Y
    Loads a file from the CMT, but the file will not be automatically executed.

  • #
    Inverts the AM / PM flag at location $119D.

  • CLR key
    ( CLR ) Performs a warm start.

Download the new ROM now ( 4kb; courtesy of Torsten Carzow / Germany ).

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last updated January 24, 2004