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MZ-80K software collection 

You can download my collection of MZ-80K disk images now. They were copied by the modified version of CPDREAD (CPDRD80K) for the MZ-80K, because the MZ-80K disks have a different format than the other MZs use. There is no way this time to create a new disk by a MZ-80K disk image.

Use the disk images by Michael Franzen's emulator for loading and playing around or use his emulator to extract selected files within the disk image to MZF-files.

If you want to copy the MZF-files to tape then you can use one of several possible methods to do this job. For further information go to the menu items Common Utilities/File transfer. You also can convert a file into a WAV-file if you use one of the available converters (see the menu item Common utilities), which allow you to directly send the file(s) from the PC to your MZ via the PC soundcard and the MZ external recorder connector if available. The SUC has also another fine method for you on its website.

Some of the downloadable files contain already MZF/MZT/M12-files, etc. The contents on the disks are "as is", that means, the images are in the state which I got them by the previous owner(s). There is no order. The software is not tested by me. May be, that some disk images or the software stored in the images will not work.

The images contain BASICs, games, utilities and other programs.

Name kb Content 517 10 CP/M disk images 482 10 CP/M disk images 768 11 CP/M disk images 387 10 disk images (BTX, OBJ) 225 8 disk images (BTX, OBJ) 285 1 disk image, 33 BTX/OBJ files 312 6 disk images (BTX, OBJ) 596 9 disk images (BTX, OBJ) 495 9 disk images (BTX, OBJ) 632 2 disk images (BTX, OBJ),
ROM-files, 110 BTX/OBJ files

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last updated March 16, 2006